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Baccarat Crystals - 250 Years Anniversary

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Baccarat, the famous crystal company located in northeastern France, celebrates its 250th anniversary this year with special events and new designs that will appeal to those who have refined tastes.

Baccarat was founded in 1764 when King Louis XV gave the Bishop of Metz to start a glassworks operation in Baccarat, a commune in France's Lorraine region. The organization immediately began work that trumped creations from other crystalwork experts. Today, some of the most famous pieces of glass and crystal artwork are kept in Musée du Cristal, the region's largest private museum.


The company earned a reputation for designing and crafting some of the finest glassware and objects d'art in the world. It gained worldwide attention when King Louis XVIII visited the Baccarat factory in 1823. The king had such an enthusiastic to the high quality and beauty of Baccarat's work that he ordered a wide selection of glassware. As other monarchs and heads of state visited the King's palace, they inquired after his astonishing collection of stemware. Baccarat's products soon began to flow to all corners of the world, including Russia and Japan.

The candelabras and other crystal items have made great journeys all over the world. Tsar Nicholas II had to hire a fleet of pack animals to carry his order from Lorraine to his home in Russia. Today, though, you don't have to have millions of dollars to enjoy the beauty and detail of Baccarat crystal. Some of the most cherished pieces now reside in museums and public places. One of the company's greatest accomplishments, a candelabra made for Tsar Nicholas II, spent time at the Plaza hotel in New York City. Similar examples are kept in Baccarat's showcases in Paris and Moscow.

Baccarat continues to push the design world in wonderful new directions. The company has also expanded so it can meet the needs of more people. While it never deviates from its commitment to expert craftsmanship and using the very best materials, it has created smaller pieces that affluent, though not necessary wealthy, can purchase for their own homes.

In celebration of this milestone anniversary, Baccarat has brought together some of its most impressive pieces from around the world for display in its Paris museum-gallery. Visitors can experience the beauty of over 1,000 unique works of functional art, including several pieces that mix 24-carat gold with clear crystal to create le rouge a l'or, a deep red color that seems to flicker with life.

The exhibition at Baccarat Museum-Gallery in Paris will remain open to the public until January 24, 2015. The exhibition at the Petit Palais will be available until January 4th.

Baccarat has become a symbol for French fashion and luxury. The company continues to push the boundaries of design while remaining true to its roots in French Art de Vivre. As Baccarat celebrates its 250th anniversary, collectors and fans alike have a chance to revisit the company's wonderful history while looking forward to another 250 years of dedicated craftsmanship, innovative designs, and works of astounding beauty.

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