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Wally’s 100’ WallyCento, innovation and personality

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Wally, one of the world's most innovative yacht designers, has proven time and time again that it listens carefully to the needs of its clients. The WallyCento design shows exactly how far Wally will go to make sure that each client feels completely satisfied with his yacht.

The real innovation in this boat, though, is that Wally found a way to create a fleet of vessels that, while they appear the same on the outside, have completely unique interiors. That gives owners an opportunity to purchase yachts that match their preferences while keeping prices lower.

The first two boats released in the WallyCento line are the Hamilton and the Magic Carpet Cubed. Thanks to these modular yachts, more people will have a chance to purchase vessels that match their unique needs.

WallyCento Specifications

WallyCento Hamilton and Magic Carpet Cubed are 30-meter sailing yachts that can accommodate up to six guests plus two to four crew members. They have a 1,420-square meter (15,285-square foot) downwind sail area and a 640-square meter (6,890-square foot) upwind sail area.

The yachts have a high modulus carbon fiber mast and V boom made by Southern Spars. The lightweight material has helped Magic Carpet Cubed win several races, including six of seven Maxi Yacht Cups. The yachts also have Southern Spars EC6 rigging.

WallyCento sails are controlled by Wally's push button system, which operate the Wally Grand Prix lightweight package sails hydraulics. This gives the captain or owner control over where Magic Carpet Cubed and Hamilton floats and how quickly they head in that direction.

Of course, some days don't offer enough wind for sailing yachts like WallyCento Hamilton and Magic Carpet Cubed to move without an engine. That's why Wally equipped them with WM 350 horsepower engines with retractable propellers that don't get in the way when they are not needed. They also have 15kW, 50 Hz, and 230 V generators that make sure the engine always has plenty of power for windless days.

They are capable of reaching 11 knots with their diesel engines.

During longer trips, Magic Carpet Cubed and Hamilton have fuel and fresh water reserves that can last for several days without stopping. The fuel tanks carry 1,500 liters (396 gallons). The fresh water tanks also carry 1,500 liters (396 gallons).

The WallyCento Magic Carpet Cubed superyachtTravelling Aboard the Magic Carpet Cubed

When the owner takes a Magic Carpet ride, he never has to worry about getting lost thanks to a B&G H30000 WTP3 navigation system and a GPS system designed by Hemisphere. These high-tech devices always keep Magic Carpet Cubed on the right course. The captain can also relax during quiet weather, letting the B&G auto pilot take control of the ship's systems.

Magic Carpet Cubed has three cabins meant to accommodate up to six guests at a time. 30-meter sailing yachts aren't especially large compared to the superyachts roaming the world's oceans, but Wally has made innovative use of the below-deck areas so that guests will feel as comfortable as possible.

Each guest cabin comes with two beds, an en-suite head, and a separate shower. The owner's stateroom has a double bed, en-suite separate showers, and a separate head. While the rooms are not large, they are extremely cozy and well appointed. Wally worked with Luca Bassani to create a one-of-a-kind interior matches the owner's specific needs.

When guests aren't on the deck soaking up the rays or below deck relaxing in their custom-designed rooms, they can enjoy numerous entertainment options. Magic Carpet Cubed comes with 3G Internet service by Netgear, Sailor Fleet Broadband service, and an Apple entertainment system with Samsung speakers.

Wallycento Magic Carpet Cubed also has a saloon complete with a navigation station, an office desk, and a table with enough seats for ten people. She is primarily a racing yacht, but Wally never forgets to add comfort and style when designing one of its signature vessels for top clients.

Traveling Aboard the WallyCento HamiltonThe WallyCento Hamilton superyacht

Hamilton was the first yacht released in the WallyCento line. Like Magic Carpet Cubed, it has enough room for up to six guests.

While Magic Carpet Cubed and Hamilton share many features, Hamilton has a slightly more playful interior. The combination of light-colored woods and bright blue accents create an aesthetic that feels both comforting and energetic. Blue pillows located on beds, couches, and chairs pop out from the dark fabrics and light wood walls.

Overall, Hamilton has a minimalist design that encourages guests to interact with each other or focus on sailing. Recessed lighting adds to the uncluttered nature of her design. Lights glow from underneath chairs and beds as well as from the ceiling above. This was certainly an aesthetic choice, but it also has a practical application: the last thing a yacht captain needs is a cluttered interior as he tries to push the yacht to move through the water faster during a race.

Hamilton offers a pure experience that keeps guests in the present. She's a luxury yacht, but she has the personality of a boat built to exceed performance expectations.

The Advantage of Wally Cento

Some yacht owners might look down upon the WallyCento series because they have such similar exteriors. They would immediately change their minds if they had a chance to step aboard Hamilton or Magic Carpet Cubed. Like other customizable yachts from Wally, they have an undeniably unique spirit that holds its own against all other designs.
Plus, they are technical marvels that move at awesome speeds. Complaining about the exterior would be like complaining that a fully customized Lamborghini has the same paint job as another. Once you experience a WallyCento yacht, you quickly realize that she has a personality all her own.


Length O.A. 30.47m 100' 0"
Beam 7.20 m 23' 7"
Draught 4.40 m 14' 5" keel up
6.20 m 20' 4" keel down
Displacement 49.95 tons 110,231 lbs
Sail area upwind 640 sqm 6,890 sqft
Sail area downwind 1,420 sqm 15,285 sqft
Sail plan sloop, self tacking &108% jib, square head mainsail
mast height from deck 46.00 m 150' 11"
Accommodation 6 guests + 2/4 crew
Owner's stateroom 1 double bed
Guest cabin 1 2 beds
Guest cabin 2 2 beds
Crew cabin 2 pullman beds
Crew cabin 2 2 bunks in the forepeak
Saloon seats and tables for 10 people, navigation station, office
Speed (engine) 11 knots
Engine WM 350 Hp
Propeller retractable
Generators 15kW, 50 Hz, 230 V
Watermaker Osmosea100 l / hour
26 US gal / hour
Anchor windlass Maxwell
Navigation & comm B&G H3000 WTP3
Auto pilot B&G
GPS Hemisphere
Air conditioning Frigomar 45,000 BTU
Refrigerator Waeco
Fuel 1,500 l - 396 US gallon
Fresh water 1,500 l - 396 US gallon
Type WallyCento
Year 2013

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