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Lamborghini EGOISTA, selfishness at its best

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Lamborghini has always created unique cars that emphasize style, performance, and an exclusive pedigree. How do you celebrate a brand that stands for high above the rest? If you're Walter de Silva, head of Volkswagen Group Design, you take Lamborghini's key features and push them to their limits until you create a sports car so revolutionary that critics can only compare it to some of the world's most sophisticated aircraft.

Egoista Embodies and Celebrates Selfishness

Egoista literally translates as "selfish." Everything about Lamborghini's 50th anniversary present to itself embodies and celebrates that oft-denigrated feature. Anyone who believes that "greed is good" will find themselves salivating over this adventurous release.

The Egoista only seats one driver. Actually, "driver" doesn't seem like the right word to describe anyone lucky enough to sit behind Egoista's wheel. "Pilot" feels much more suitable. That's largely because the car's inspiration comes from helicopters and jets. The pilot sits right in the middle of the vehicle, strapped into a customized seat by a four-point seatbelt. A heads up display provides pertinent information, just like fighter jets designed to keep military pilots as safe as possible.

Exiting the Egoista'd carbon fiber cockpit shows how technically innovative and customized the car is. To exit, one must remove the steering wheel, open the dome, stand up, and swivel 180 degrees out of the cockpit.

Egoista's Technical Innovations

Egoista has several technical innovations that make it an engineering marvel. Instead of using aerodynamic appendages at the top of the body, the designers installed integrated flaps that respond to driving conditions.

The rear has two flaps that automatically activate when the car reaches high speeds. These flaps increase stability, letting the pilot reach extraordinary speeds without losing control.

Those exterior flaps will definitely come in handy. Egoista has a 5.2-liter V10 engine capable of 600 horsepower. The engine, which is located at the vehicle's rear, has a series of air-intake valves that keep it cool even when chugging along at high speeds.

An Uncompromising Aesthetic

Lamborghini has a reputation for creating unique designs that pursue uncompromising aesthetics. Egoista takes this to the extreme with an aggressive look that would please Batman (assuming that Batman were willing to give up his love of black exteriors in favor of something more futuristic and festive).

Egoista has bright orange wheels. Bright orange also accents other parts of the car's exterior and interior. Perhaps most surprising, though, is the orange-tinted glass.

The decision to use such a bright color makes sense when you consider Egoista's goal. The orange and silver exterior makes it stand out even more. Combined with its hulking, super-aggressive body, no one could mistake Egoista for anything other than a stunning achievement from one of the world's finest car manufacturers.

There will be only one Lamborghini Egoista, which makes it even more exclusive. By making only one, De Silva has created a highly attractive vehicle that no amount of money can buy. It's an achievement in luxury and selfishness for the sake of nothing but luxury and selfishness. Building more than one would only diminish the very point of designing a car that honors itself more than anything.

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