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A perfect escape, Italy Portofino

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Visiting Portofino, Italy is one of life's greatest joys. Seen from the Church of San Giorgio, visitors can take in the area's beauty: colorful houses, mesmerizing ocean views, and, if you arrive at the right time, fishing boats filling their nets in the teeming waters.

Portofino has a rare combination of celebrity and rural life. The locals live there because the waters are filled with fish that they can catch and sell to earn their livings. Celebrities visit for the area's breathtaking beauty.

Visiting Portofino

There is more to do in Portofino than just sit back and enjoy the view. The town and its surrounding areas have developed into premium destinations for those who have enough money and resources to visit. The harbor, which can hold about 300 boats comfortable, is often full from spring until autumn. In the distance, one can see gentle wakes of tenders bringing yacht owners and their guests ashore.

Some of the top attractions in the area include the Museum of the Park of Portofino, which houses the International Outdoor Center for Sculpture and an unparalleled botanical collection.

One can also visit St. George's Fortress, also known as Castle Brown, a defensive stronghold built by a medieval settlement.

Today, the castle has been turned into a wonderful attraction with gardens and architectural decorations.

The Church of Divo Martino is also worth a visit. This parish, built sometime around 1000 AD, has been transformed by various groups over the past thousand years. Any fan of architecture will love hunting for different features that belong to religious groups throughout the ages.

Celebrities at Portofino

Celebrities have flocked to Portofino since Roman times, when famed historian Pliny the Elder wrote about its dolphin-filled waters. Modern celebrities turned Portofino into a prime destination during the 1950s and '60s, an Italian era known as "la Dolce Vita," the sweet life. Entertainers such as Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot visited the town, as did serious-minded artists like Ingrid Bergman and Ernest Hemingway.

Today, Portofino still attracts the rich and famous. Its enchanting history only adds to the unique way that the town combines rural charm with exquisite attractions.


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