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Wally 101' Indio, the result of cutting-edge technology

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INDIO is designed to offer experienced and passionate navigators all the features required for a round the-world high performance cruiser, capable of comfortably accommodating your family, including young children. All Wally’s sailing ships allow the helmsman to easily steer the ship solo, both safely and comfortably. Indio’s high performance results from the cutting-edge technology applied to her pre-preg carbon composite construction, titanium deck fittings, and her fixed 5-meter keel with flaps. Her displacement of just 59 tones results from this weight reduction development.

The sail plan includes a free tacking jib, and s ails controlled through hydraulic cylinders, with buttons in the bridge station that, together with those of the flap keel, clear the deck.

The central skylight extends from the foot of the mast to the end of the stern, shedding natural light on the interior: this concept was first introduced by Wally in 2004 with an 80´ yacht.

The design of Wally 100 offers large volumes without compromising performance, with spacious social areas both on and below the deck, improving the cruising comforts. The "terrace on the sea" in the stern is just outstanding.

The uncluttered deck is characterized by the double social cockpit, a central one with aft table and seats, and the terrace on the sea with the sunbathing area. The deck is mounted with just six winches, two at the foot of the mast and the other four to the stern of the central cockpit: thus, the children and people who are not participating in the maneuvers may enjoy sailing both safely and comfortably.

Her profile is astonishing: the aft coamings, teak deckhouse, and a Wally submarine-type anchor system, make the yacht lines more elegant.

The terrace on the sea grants access to the saloon. The mirrored glass reflects Wally's inside-out life concept, first introduced by Tiketitan: "the interior is a continuation of the exterior and vice versa."

The double stern helm is in the "terrace on the sea," with the sailing button system, the maneuvers, and instruments.

Every detail of Indio has been impeccably designed and built, such as the central staircase with titanium handrails; the stern companion way gives access to the terrace on the sea with the double helm stations.

The teak deck is characterized by its white coating. The cabin has an elegant raised table which is big enough for eight people in a formal dinner. The cockpit table may be lowered to a safe level and when covered by cushions this area is turned into an additional big sunpad and casual space. The glass wall only consists of three elements: two big windows on each side and a central one that is opened until granting access to the saloon. Each detail of Indio has been designed for a seamless integration.

When entering the main saloon, under the aft staircase, there is a partition wall with an LCD screen. The port side of the main saloon has a dining table for up to 10 guests.

The interior design combines teak and wenge wood, with light and contemporary natural color fabric, which results in a cozy atmosphere.

On the starboard side are the coffee table and the cabinet, made of teak wood, next to a stylish leather sofa and a raised-edge tray to prevent objects from falling during navigation.

The saloon looks backwards to the terrace on the sea: the central skylight and the glass wall flood the interior with natural light. The titanium handrail goes from the roof to the lower part of the carbon fiber companion way to increase safety during navigation.

The owners' cabin in the bow has a queen bed and an office area on the starboard side. This office area has a folding carbon fiber seat with a leather cover. The cabinets provide the necessary storage for long journeys. The owners' bathroom has two areas divided by a door: one with a double wash-hand basin and the other one with the bidet and toilet.

On the starboard side is the guest cabin, with a queen bed and a folding one, both with en-suite bathrooms.

The kitchen is fully integrated with the crew dining area, and it incorporates a navigation station.

German Frers, her designer, said: "A yacht offers a unique opportunity to share experiences and to learn more about nature and ourselves."

The design provides a feeling of acceleration, power, control and protection during the yacht or cruise journey. Indio's design concept is centered on efficiency.

Even in the gentlest breeze, she offers an exciting performance and, at the same time, proves to be a sailing ship that can withstand long periods in bad weather conditions.

The ancillary engine power and the fuel consumption are reduced too, thus enabling the maximum length of navigation time.

This approach requires the use of state-of-the-art technologies for design, construction and on-board systems.

The hull shape is part of a new generation, developed to deliver the best performance at sea, tried out in test tanks, with the input from previous designs and new ideas.

Using these methods, it is possible to optimize the design advantages and overcome any disadvantage with a good deal of creativity. The construction method makes an extensive use of carbon fiber to build an excellent structure capable of bearing the loads associated with this kind of ship in any weather condition, in addition to high-speed impacts. The noise and usual vibrations associated with this technology have been eliminated thanks to the incredible work that has been done.

All these modern technologies make no sense if they are not combined with an elegant and atemporal shape, a practical deck and a warm interior, full of natural light.

The design is a combination of the previous successful solutions devised for Wally Yachts.

The end result is a distinctive solution where the main aft saloon provides the privacy of the largest yachts with cabins ahead. The teak wood finishing in the interior conveys the essence that is missing in some modern alternatives. The light construction does not compromise the ship performance.

The deck layout with its two cabins offers complete privacy to the guests, and provides many options to enjoy the deck.

This simple design allows all maneuvers to be completed with a minimum crew.

As the splendid and modern class J of yachts moves forward, both with a tail or a head wind, this yacht truly provides all the comforts needed in today's life.

In May 2010, Indio Wally 101 was chosen "best sailing yacht" in the 30M-44M category of the Superyacht World Awards 2010.

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