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CNR 126' Blue Eyes, the yacht with the personal touch

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Step aboard Blue Eyes and you instantly find yourself transported to a world filled with shells, coral, and luxury.Everywhere you look, Blue Eyes has a personal touch that communicates something special about your experience on board the yacht. That personal touch comes from the owner’s wife, who not only named Blue Eyes, but spent her time engaged in every decision made while designing the yacht. Everything from the window curtain ties to the antique Chinese tables reflects her personal vision.

The Main Deck

Luxury comes to life on the main deck, where guests spend much of their time while aboard Blue Eyes. The main deck has a large semicircular library that has been built from rich mahogany. It grabs your attention the moment you step inside. As you adjust to the beautiful setting, you start to notice little details that enrich your experience on Blue Eyes. The floors are covered by ancient rugs with unparalleled beauty. Lamps throughout the main deck have been decorated with Dragons of China, symbolic figures that work in coordination with other symbols to elicit good luck and safe travels as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

Of course, you can't forget the spectacular dining room. It's fit for even the best haute cuisine. An open terrace on the main deck overlooks the sea, allowing guests to enjoy themselves while viewing the surrounding waters. You can then step into the spacious bathroom, where you will find a large Jacuzzi waiting to help you relax fully.

The Lower Deck

The lower deck was decorated with the English naval style in mind. This style shows in guest rooms that are coated in shades of white and gold. With six double cabins, a laundry facility, and a 14-person crew mess on the lower deck, you'll have plenty of room aboard Blue Eyes.

The Upper Deck

Climb to the upper deck, where you can gather around a dining table for 12 people or enjoy the two sitting areas that have been decorated with Asian artifacts and symbols as well as blue and white cushions that reflect the yacht's name.

Near the yacht's bow, you will find some of the most wonderful works of Chinese art as well as a modern wheelhouse, a radio room, and the captain's cabin. In front of the wheelhouse you will find a sunbathing area that you can enjoy while cruising the seas.

The Sun Deck

When designing Blue Eyes, special care was given to the sun deck. The result is a fantastic area suitable for a variety of occasions.

If you feel like having a large dinner, then guests can gather at the 12-person table. After your meal, enjoy the sights, soak up the sun, or climb into the deck's Jacuzzi for a relaxing time in the water. This area serves a dual purpose. The crew can convert it into a helipad that makes it easy for guests to come and go by helicopter without docking the yacht.

The sun deck also offers a fully equipped gym. After your workout, retire to the adjacent Turkish baths to relax and enjoy yourself.

Power and Beauty

Blue Eyes offers luxury that will outshine just about anyplace you have ever visited. That doesn't mean that the designers forget to include plenty of power in the yacht, though. With two Caterpillar 3512B engines, this vessel can cruise at 14 knots or reach a maximum speed of 15 knots.

With these accommodations, you can't help but to start to think that you deserve to be pampered during your trip. Blue Eyes makes every minute on the sea a memory worth cherishing forever.

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