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Introducing the Azimut 64'

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Azimut has a history of creating some of the most innovative, luxurious designs in the yachting industry. The Azimut 62 has reigned as the most influential and sought after yachts for years. Until now. Using the experience gained by building the 62, Azimut designers learned that they could make another giant leap forward. Their efforts have finally been revealed in the Azimut 64, a fitting heir to the dynasty solidified by the 62.

With more than 200 sales around the world, the 62 is one of the most popular yachts amongst discerning customers looking for a unique experience on the water. With the improvements made in the 64 model, Azimut expects to exceed these sales. That's because Azimut 64 excels in areas such as design, safety, and power.

Designing a Better Yacht

Azimut 64 combines the most sophisticated engineering and aesthetics to bring you a vessel that excels far beyond the abilities of other designs. The designers obviously spent a lot of time considering the comfort of passengers and captains. Every piece of furniture has been crafted to offer ergonomic comfort. The helm station has a double seat with a power-assisted back that can help you adjust your position for maximum comfort. From this position, the captain has access to a onboard instruments. Side windows and a windscreen let the captain navigate expertly in all weather conditions.

The designers also included plenty of storage space to make each voyage more comfortable. You can see how much thought went in to maximizing every inch of space simply by viewing the double-bed, which has plenty of space underneath for baggage. The cabins even have enough room to include shower stalls without restricting movement.

Azimut 64 was designed to help people engine their yachting experience as much as possible. When traveling at high speeds, you can close the hardtop for better aerodynamics and comfort. When lazing on the deck, though, you can rely on the flybridge to keep your comfortable by blocking the sun's most harmful rays. With plenty of room and amenities included with your comfort in mind, you will love spending your days and nights on the Azimut 64.

A Safer Design for Yachting

Safety is a top concern for Azimut. That's why engineers devoted themselves to finding the most effective safety features for Azimut 64. The vessel has been balanced perfectly so that you can enjoy a voyage in almost any weather condition. Using innovative composites such as carbon fibers in conjunction with traditional materials means that Azimut 64 can withstand a tremendous amount of stress. The choice of materials, however, also means that it is light enough to include powerful engines that give you complete control over the yacht.

Sophisticated Seakeeper gyrostabilizers were used to reduce rolling by as much as 80 percent. This keeps you and your passengers safe while you enjoy the water.

Azimut 64 even makes docking safer and easier with the East Docking System.

The Power Your Want from an Elegant Yacht

By reducing the amount of weight used constructing the Azimut 64 model, it was possible to include two 1150 hp engines made by Caterpillar. These powerful engines allow you to take control of your yacht so that you can challenge the sea in a variety of weather conditions. Plus, these efficient engines will help you travel further without stopping for more fuel. That means you get more time on the water and less time docked at a fueling station.

By focusing on safety, power, and comfort, Azimut's engineers were able to create a design that outshines the 62. The Azimut 64 is a true luxury for those who enjoy the best things in life.

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