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Sunseeker 155’ Superyacht Blush

Published in Navis June / July 2014
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Yacht enthusiasts have been waiting to see Sunseeker's new 155-foot since it was announced last year. Sunseeker has already sold one of its new designs to Eddie Jordan, a Formula 1 driver who commissioned the yacht. A second version has been sold to a businessperson in Dubai.

The Sunseeker 155 has a modular build that lets owners customize their experiences. This makes the yacht extremely versatile. Instead of starting each design from scratch, Sunseeker can modify the existing yacht to match each owner's needs.

So far, Sunseeker has shown that it has a firm understanding of what its buyers want. The company has built a remarkable yacht with breathtaking views, artistic interiors, ample space, and the latest technology.

Sunseeker 155 Has a Comfortable, Artistic Interior

Sunseeker 155 has enough room for up to 12 guests and 10 crew members. Each cabin has been carefully crafted for a unique personality that the owner and his guests will love. The two VIP cabins and owner's cabin on the main deck have floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer a panoramic view of the ocean.

Sunseeker 155's interior rooms combine aquatic colors such as blue and green to create unique, comfortable aesthetic that connects the yacht to the ocean below.

Other areas of the interior combine dark wood with light-colored furniture and gray accents. The formal dining room, for instance, has a lovely wood table with a ring of gray metal wrapped around the upper ledge. The gray partial ceiling hanging over the dining room has recessed lighting that makes the area look clean and modern.

Sunseeker's new yacht has comfortable seating areas throughout the interior. Most rooms feature couches, chairs, and tables that encourage guests to socialize with each other. Some rooms also have top-shelf entertainment equipment, including flat screen televisions. This offers plenty of entertainment options during long journeys.

Outdoor Decks for Relaxing and Socializing

Sunseeker has made excellent use of 155's outdoor deck space. The upper deck has a huge sky lounge that's perfect for hosting parties. Guests can lounge on sunpads to catch a few rays or settle into the recessed seating area to get protection from the sun.

An outdoor dining area has ample room for social gatherings. The deck has two built-in tables surrounded by couches and overstuffed pillows. Guests can visit the deck's bar for refreshments. The outdoor bar also makes it easy for the owner and his guests to get drinks while lounging in the unshaded area of the deck.

A retractable diving deck offers the perfect place for the owner and his guests to enjoy the ocean water. Guests can enter and exit the water safely. They can also use the water-level diving deck to socialize, keep playful children safe, or stay near the yacht while enjoying water sports.

Long Voyages for the Sunseeker 155

Sunseeker 155 has a 15,850-gallon (60,000-liter) fuel capacity feeding twin MTU 12V 4000 M73L engines. That gives her a range between 4,000 and 4,500 nautical miles. This great range lets her owner travel the world without many restrictions. To keep guests and crew members comfortable, though, Sunseeker 155 needs plenty rations.

Sunseeker 155 has a fresh water capacity of 3,636 gallons (13,765 liters) that offers plenty of hydration during long outings.

She also has a grey water capacity of 1,321 gallons (5,000 liters) and a black water capacity of 528 gallons (2,000 liters). These grey and black water tanks help protect the ocean's fragile ecology by keeping waste out of the water.

Sunseeker's Modular Approach to Building Yachts

Sunseeker's modular approach to building 155s for clients helps fit each person's unique needs while keeping costs lower. 155 and previous versions of the motor yacht prove that Sunseeker has the right experience and talent to break new ground in the yachting industry.

This is Sunseeker's largest project to date. The owner expects delivery by 2016. Assuming that the builder follows its plans, everyone who owns a Sunseeker 155 will have a luxurious yacht that has its own unique properties.

Sunseeker's approach to building yachts may do considerably more than give a few owners the boats of their dreams. Using modular designs could push the entire luxury yacht industry in a direction that honors the tradition of yachting while also making it more modern.

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