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Royal Huisman 58m Superyacht Ethereal

Published in Navis June / July 2014
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Royal Huisman Shipyard has made beautiful, well crafted sailing yachts since it was founded in the 1880s. The builder has never rested on its past successes, though. Ethereal, Royal Huisman's 58-meter ketch shows that the company has evolved with contemporary aesthetics and technologies.

Choosing the right partners has helped Royal Huisman reach beyond conventional technologies to develop cutting edge features. For Ethereal, Royal Huisman joined forces with Ron Howard Design and Pieter Beeldsnijder to build one of the most eco-conscious sailing yachts in the world.

Ethereal Puts the Environment First

Royal Huisman included some of the latest green technology to reduce Ethereal's energy consumption, emissions, and wastes. She primarily relies on a bank of lithium polymer batteries for electricity. Instead of generators that burn a lot of fuel, though, she has a hybrid electro-mechanical propulsion system that re-charges the batteries as it works. This system also powers the anchor, hoist sails, and other systems.

Ethereal also conserves energy by using twin propellers that generate power.

Reducing the need to use fuel is just as important as using technology that conserves fuel. Ethereal reduces energy demand with energy-efficient applicants, including the water maker and air conditioner. She uses natural lighting and LED lighting that doesn't produce much heat. Highly efficient insulation is also crucial to her energy-saving abilities.

Perhaps even more importantly, Royal Huisman and its partners designed Ethereal so her owners can upgrade her in the future. As technology becomes more efficient, the owners can add it to Ethereal to make her even friendlier to the environment.

Staying Aboard Ethereal

The insulation that helps keep Ethereal's interior temperature constant also keeps the inside extremely quiet. The owners wanted to make their yacht feel like a private island. Many yachts, however, don't protect guests from noises caused by the engine, mechanical equipment, and weather.

With Ethereal's insulation, guests who stay up late can sleep in without disturbance. The insulation shields them from unnecessary noise that could ruin a morning snooze. Guests are also protected from noise while dining, swimming, and socializing.

Ethereal isn't just about smart technology that benefits guests and the environment. It's also about creating luxurious atmospheres where the owner and his guests can participate in a variety of activities.

The mizzen coach roof has a concealed Olympic grade springboard that swimmers can use to jump into the waters below. Ethereal also has a bathing platform where swimmers can enter and exit the yacht easily.

Guests who prefer lounging over swimming will enjoy the secluded sunpad located on the aft cockpit. The foredeck has a tender that quickly converts into a Moroccan tent. It's a unique feature that shows how much attention went into designing and building Ethereal. Everywhere guests look, they can discover something special. Ethereal doesn't even need extra decorations or artwork. She is a work of art.
Inside Ethereal

Ethereal's artistic features are most obvious below deck, where guests can enjoy luxurious spaces and top-of-the-line entertainment technology. Other than private areas like cabins and bathrooms, Ethereal doesn't have a lot of separate rooms. Instead, she offers an open interior that beckons guests to socialize.

There are also areas tucked away in Ethereal's nooks and crannies, for those who want privacy. These private spaces, however, don't interrupt the interior flow. The formal dining area flows into the staircase, which winds its way toward the lower salon. All of this feels connected. The large windows even make Ethereal's interior feel connected to the ocean.

The owner's suite, which covers the full beam, has some of the best luxury accommodations on the yacht. The owner and his wife get to enjoy a sauna lined entirely in cedar. The suite also has access to a private diving platform that guests and crewmembers cannot reach.

Guests also have beautiful rooms, but they don't get the same special treatment.

Ethereal's guests do have access to excellent entertainment options. The salon has a flat screen TV that's nearly as large as those used in cinemas. There's even a music den that houses percussion instruments and a digital grand piano. Guests with musical abilities could spend hours playing with this professional-grade equipment.

Ethereal Combines Beauty and Technology

It's impossible to walk through Ethereal without spotting impressive features. She combines beauty and technology so well that every area has something unique to offer. Some of the best technology, however, never gets recognized. The design team has joined form and function so well that many guests will never see the most impressive technology included in this yacht.

The navigation system, for instance, looks like the same type of equipment seen in other luxury yachts. Ethereal's system, however, use less power. And they don't rely on energy created by generators that guzzle fossil fuels. The helm even has water-cooled LED screens that use less power than laptop screens but offer ten times the daylight viewing power.

Ethereal is one of the most unique yachts in the world. Hopefully, other companies will start to follow Royal Huisman's dedication to protecting the environment without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. Until then, this remains one of the top yacht's for eco-conscious adventurers.

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