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Published in Navis June / July 2014
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Monaco is one of the most blasé and cultivated destinations in the world, which attracts especially luxury travelers searching for an exclusive and sophisticated voyage. Is one of the most stylish and entertaining city in earth; it's a trip worth taking, where you'll have no regrets. This city has a numerous of different activities to offer, so they can fit to anyone's interest, but never disregarding style, good taste and its high status. So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy yourself at the maximum level possible, with the most elegant and refined accommodations, Monaco is the place for you!

Enjoying Monaco During the Day

In this exceptional city you will find all sorts of attractions, but one of its principal captivations, which distinguish it from any other city in the world, is the exclusive Yacht Club de Monaco. This is ideal for travelers with a great love for the art and technology of yachting, which will make you reconsider and confirm your devotion for yachts. This elite club was founded by Prince Ranier in 1953, and due to its high level of attention and sophistication it has become one of the world's most respected yacht clubs. In June of 2014 it was inaugurated the new modern building which is considered an architectural masterpiece by Norman Foster, that affirms the Monaco yachting identity. Here they host many impressive races and unique events throughout the year, which are highly recommended to watch. Specially at the end of September you will want to attend the Monaco Yacht Show, an icon in the superyacht world.

But to take the most of this trip, leaving nothing unseen, there are several other day life activities which are a must. For instance, the Oceanographic Museum is worth going to, especially if you are a sea person with a hint of expanding your knowledge in this field. Here you will find aquariums, activities, and exhibitions; perfect to spend a family day. Still, another day activity you cannot neglect is visiting the Prince's Palace of Monaco. This sublime architecture design, which was originally built as a fortress is nowadays the home of Monaco's royal family, but many of its areas are open to the public, such as its beautiful courtyard, which its stunning design will leave you speechless. There are also guided tours of the palace so you can get a better look at it, and on top of it all, this state of the art construction offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Port Hercules and Monte-Carlo.

After a long day of travelling around Monaco, it's recommendable for you to find a place nearby to have your beauty rest, relax and be ready for a night in the town. The Hotel Hermitage fits this purpose perfectly by being situated at the heart of Monaco, and it is the absolute best. When looking for sophistication, the higher service, and beautiful aesthetics, the search stops here. This magnificent hotel offers the ultimate luxury and it gives you access to some of Monaco's finest restaurants, bars and spas.

Night life in Monaco

Daytime shows you the beauty of Monaco's streets and surrounding nature. At night, the city comes to life with bright lights and countless options for entertainment.

After a relaxing time, you are ready to sense Monaco's night life, where you should start by having dinner at one of the greatest restaurants of this city: Le Vistamar Restaurant, which it's even located at Hotel Hermitage. Joel Garault, one of the greatest European chefs, will astonish you with its spectacular menu filled with fresh seafood, scrumptious sides, and heavenly desserts which you will be able to combine with a large selection of wines by the glass.

After a scrumptious dinner prepared by one of the city's best chefs, guests should find their ways to the Montecarlo Casino. The casino is arguably the best thing about visiting Monaco. The lavish interior has all of the games you would expect to find at a world-class casino. That includes slot machines, craps, stud poker, roulette, and craps.

The Montecarlo Casino is a complex of entertainment options. The lavish architecture has plenty of room for the casino floor, but it also makes room for the Monte Carlo Opera House where music fans can get tickets to classic and modern operas. Thanks to its renovation during the years 2004 and 2005 its embellishment is now astonishing and together with its worldwide recognition and international, renowned spectacles, this remarked cultural space is no waste of time. Besides, the Opera House offers a variety of performances, including concerts, recitals and plays in case you are not an opera fan.

The great versatility of Monaco still offers several other options so you can enjoy and explore the town's night according your personal interests. This can be a hard job to do without transportation, but luckily you can reach Monaco Limo that provides a premier limousine service during your visit.

If you prefer for a more chilling, youthful night, then Buddha Bar is perfect for satisfying your needs since nightlife in Monaco belongs to it. The owners repurposed an early 20th century concert hall to build a majestic venue where guests can eat, drink, and dance. The venue's large ceiling makes it feel expansive and luxurious. This is the best place to explore the town at night and get a hint of the uniqueness of partying at Monaco. Here you will find a more daring side of this town.

Relaxing After a Late Night

A night out in Monaco can seem to last forever. When morning comes, travelers may feel exhausted from having too much fun. Luckily, Monaco has plenty of top-tier spas that can restore your vigor. Places like Spa Cinq Mondes offer services such as include body exfoliation, regeneration treatment, aromatherapy, massages, and flower baths.

Follow that relaxing experience with mimosas at the Hotel Hermitage, and you have the end of a remarkable journey through one of the world's most magical destinations.

Monaco has it all! From sophisticated linings, to fun, family activities, to even more bold ones. It's the perfect city to enjoy by day and by night, combining perfectly a cultural trip with a loose one. This magnificent city is especially recommended for those yacht lovers, since it's easy to reach by sea and thanks to the new docks that offers numerous services, including refitting and maintenance, your vessel will have the best care and you will be able to enjoy of your trip without any worries due to the safety it provides, as well as its new looks will astound you giving you a great sense of pleasure by living your boat in a place of such magnitude.

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