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Benetti 56m Lady Candy

Published in Navis June / July 2014
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Benetti has been building luxury motor yachts since 1873, so it's no surprise that Lady Candy, launched in May 2013, has the design and technical specifications of a world class vessel capable of exploring the world.

This 56-meter does more than just travel the globe's waterways, though. She has enough amenities to match the comfort of a four-star hotel. With such beauty and technical prowess, her owner can enjoy traveling the world with few restrictions.

Designing a Contemporary Exterior for Benetti Lady Candy

Benetti has a reputation for using contemporary designs to create timeless aesthetics. For Lady Candy, the builder teamed with Central Yacht Design Studio to make a streamlined exterior. The contemporary look borrows from yachting tradition to forge an aesthetic that will stay in style. Lady Candy isn't the type of yacht that will look dated within a couple decades. She stands proud in a long tradition of design standards.

Benetti managed to make this streamlined designed despite Lady Candy's 962-ton size and five decks. Confronting such challenges head on has helped make Benetti one of the world's most celebrated yacht brands.

Inside Lady Candy

Central Yacht Design Studio also helped Benetti design Lady Candy's interior. The owner also had considerable input on the interior space's layout and aesthetics.

An interior lift connects four of the yacht's five decks. Guests can use the elevator to access any deck except that which houses the engine room and lower storage areas.

Guest cabins are well appointed with large closets, bathrooms, and beds. The owner gets his own apartment aboard Lady Candy. The apartment has a private terrace with panoramic views of the ocean, a lounge area, and bathroom with a separate shower. A VIP suite on the upper level have similar accommodations.

While the owner's apartment and VIP suite are exceptional, the main deck stands out as Lady Candy's most beautiful area. The deck includes a lobby with plenty of sofas and chairs. A saloon and bar provide a comfortable space for guests to relax and socialize. The main deck also features a large dining room that seats up to 14 people. A professional kitchen provides restaurant quality equipment for the chef to prepare meals.

Since the owner is a diving enthusiast, Benetti created a full beach club with every amenity, including a workout room, steam shower, and bar. An adjacent swimming platform makes it easy for the owner and his guests to explore underwater environments or simply enjoy an upclose view of the endless water.

Lady Candy also has a garage that holds 7.3-meter tender, two jet skis, and a variety of water toys.

Life on Lady Candy's Exterior Decks

No matter how beautiful a yacht's interior is, guests will want to venture outdoors to enjoy the ocean view. Lady Candy accommodates this desire with comfortable deck areas that include a sun pad and a recessed seating area with central, built in tables.

Whether guests want to lounge in the sun or have lively conversations, Lady Candy makes it easy for guests to enjoy the outdoors.
Specification for Lady Candy

Benetti built Lady Candy to meet high performance goals as well as excellent aesthetics. The shipyard started with a 100 percent steel and aluminum design that has shown positive results for countless yachts. Benetti modified the platform by repositioning the wheelhouse and widening the beam.

These and other innovative design features let the captain challenge Lady Candy to move quickly without losing control.

She has two MTU engines that generates 1.432 kW at 1,800 RPM. Thrusters contribute an addition 150 kW. two 127 kW Cat C9 Genset generators keep all electrical systems fully operational throughout trips.

At full power, Lady Candy can reach a maximum speed of 17 knots. When conserving power, she can travel at 16 knots. She has a 5,000-nautical mile range when moving at 12 knots.

This combination of power and control makes it possible for Lady Candy's owner to explore the world in leisure.

Lady Candy can accommodate up to 12 guests and 14 crew members. Everyone has access to plentiful water thanks to a 30,000-liter tank and an INDROMAR MC12 DUPLEX water maker. Lady Candy also has an 11,000-liter grey water tank. No matter where she goes, guests always get to enjoy the ocean in complete comfort.

Lady Candy is further proof that Benetti keeps pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and engineering. The owner and his guests have a reliable yacht fit for exploring the world's oceans.

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