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Vitters’ 40m Myestère

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Yacht enthusiasts who want a vessel that makes socializing as easy as traveling will look on the 43-meter Mystère with envy. Designed by Tripp Design Naval Architecture and built by Vitters Shipyard, this one-of-a-kind yacht has some truly unique features that match the owner's interest in contemporary aesthetics, open areas for social events, and top-rated performance.

Mystère's Interior Design

Rhodes Young Limited created the interior of Mystère. The designers used a variety of simple, uncluttered concepts to make her as open and welcoming as possible. They achieved this by combining simple concepts that contribute to an overall aesthetic that emphasizes the minimal, uncluttered preferences of contemporary designers.

The interior uses cherry wood that offers a sense of calm and beauty. The wood practically glows next to the lightly colored fabrics used in Mystère's furniture. Concentrating on straight lines and orderly wood grain patterns contributes to the yacht's relaxed formality.

Guests aboard Mystère will find a comfortable space for socializing in the central salon. Many yachts over 40 meters in length have upper and lower salons. Mystère takes a slightly different approach. She has one large salon that makes it easy for everyone to gather in a single area.

The salon has plenty of seating, including several couches strategically placed in the room to accommodate the flow of foot traffic while giving everyone a comfortable place to relax. It also has a dining table that can easily seat six guests. The table is surrounded by plush couches that offer a relaxing experience. A close look at the furniture shows that many of the pieces have dark skirting that complements the cherry wood.

Some pieces, including the owner and guest beds, have a strip of stainless steel that give them a clean, fresh aesthetic. These stainless steel strips complement polished metal found in other areas, such as the central lobby and many door frames. This contributes to a comprehensive aesthetic that dominates the boat, making each space feel like it contributes to a unified whole.

The salon even has a navigation center that lets the owner pay close attention to the journey's progress while enjoying the company of his guests. When not in use, the navigation center converts into a seating area that helps make the salon a perfect place for formal parties as well as relaxing with close friends and family members.

Mystère has sleeping quarters for up to nine guests and six crew. The owner's cabin has a full suite that includes a double bathroom and walk in wardrobe. Flat screen televisions provide in-cabin entertainment. The owner's suite offers private access to the cockpit. Given the boat's beauty, though, it's hard to imagine anyone spending too much time in one area. Mystère simply offers too many wonders for a person to resist exploring every inch of interior and exterior spaces.

Enjoying a Cruise Aboard Mystère

Mystère's exterior areas offer just as much beauty and uncluttered space as the inside. A large deck creates the perfect environment for guests to enjoy warm days in the sun. The main deck also makes a great spot for hosting parties on pleasant days and nights. Instead of staying inside, the owner's guests can breathe the fresh ocean air and view the stars.

The deck also has a dining area with two tables and couches that are built directly into the boat. This makes it the perfect place for the owner and his guests to enjoy meals. The dining area is sunken into the floor so that the tops of the couches sit just about the deck. This creates a safe place for people to eat while conforming to Mystère's commitment to contemporary designs.

The deck also features a sunken seating area where guests can relax while having a drink or just soaking up the sun's rays.

Specifications and Performance of Mystère

A convenient layout and pleasing design makes Mystère comfortable for guests. The owner and his crew, however, also need to think about the yacht's performance. Vitters Shipyard worked with Tripp Design Naval Architecture to include innovative solutions that make Mystère as functional as she is beautiful.

Her alustar hull construction and carbon on foam superstructure make Mystère lightweight and buoyant. With about 4,430 square meters of total sail coverage, she can move quickly with even a light wind. When the weather doesn't cooperate, Mystère relies on MTU 12V 183TE72 engine that creates 610 kW at 2100 rpm. The engine sends power through a Mekanord 350 HSX/LS gearbox to a Korsor propeller.

Two Northern Lights generators create electricity for all systems, including climate control, communications, entertainment, and navigation.

Navigation equipment includes sailing instruments by B&G, GPS by Leica, and radar by Furuno. With these instruments, the captain and owner never have to worry about getting lost or losing contact with the rest of the world.

Launched in 2006, Mystère still has the style and performance expected from today's best yachts. Vitters, Tripp Design, and Rhodes Young Limited did a remarkable job combining classic aesthetics with contemporary concepts. The result is a beautiful yacht perfect for hosting parties, taking cruises, and participating in races. Mystère stands out as one of the most beautiful boats traveling the world today. Thanks to the careful attention paid to her design concept, architecture, and yachting systems, the owner can expect Mystère to compete with even the newest vessels for decades to come.

Anyone who has a chance to see Mystère in person should jump at the opportunity. She is a work of art on water.

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