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Perini Navi’s 60m Seahawk

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Perini Navi's Seahawk combines key design elements that make her the perfect yacht for long excursions that offer the owner and his guests unparalleled comfort. This vessel shows that Perini Navi holds an important position in the world of custom yachts. The shipbuilder manages to introduce unique designs without taking away from the yacht's functionality. In fact, some of the key design features make Seahawk more functional for the owner, his guests, and the crew.

Design of the Main Deck

Seahawk's main deck offers some of the best areas for socializing and relaxing. It's here that guests will find her main saloon, dining room, and an office. Each area maintains its separate space, but transparent partitions make the main deck look like one large room.

Perini Navi placed the main saloon off center so guests could walk through the boat without interruption. This seemingly simple design concept makes it easier for foot traffic to flow through her corridors.

The main deck provides a place where the owner can display his art collection. An L-shaped vitrine (a display case made of glass) helps create divisions between each of the main deck's independent spaces while also creating an area for a variety of artworks. The saloon also has a television that fits into the overall design perfectly. It doesn't detract from the primitive art pieces kept on the main deck. Instead, it flows with the modern aesthetic.

The ceiling is one of the main deck's best features. It has a slight camber to it, making it feel like a well-enclosed nesting area. This relatively simple choice turns the interior rooms into spaces that feel safe from the outside world.

Seahawk's Lower Deck

Guests will find even more innovative design concepts in the lower deck. The main passageway, for instance, has a wooden skin that folds to create a useful handgrip. This offers a unique appearance that also serves a practical function.

Guests cabins are all located on the lower deck. The cabin floors conform to the side hull, only stopping when they disappear under the portholes. This helps create a smooth continuity that contributes to Seahawk's aesthetic conceptualization.

The cabins feature teak wood on the floor and ceiling. This wood complements a silver finish that creates a sporty atmosphere.

Each guest cabin has its own bathroom. Seahawk's designers have introduced another creative feature with a fluid layout that puts the showers, toilets, and bidets in discrete locations. Making these areas part of the surrounding architecture makes them practically invisible. This contributes to Seahawk's design principles of beauty and openness.

The sink tables and shower stalls are made of marble from Estremoz, Portugal. This helps them blend into the rest of the architectures while also creating beautiful areas for guests.

The owner's cabin is also located on the lower deck. It features double beds that face each other along a diagonal line. This unique design lets the owner turn his cabin into two guests cabins. Inserting a dismountable wall separates the cabin so more people can enjoy a voyage aboard Seahawk in privacy and comfort.

A leather head reaches behind the double beds to create a settee. This provides a comfortable spot for relaxing during the day.

The owner's cabin has some features that help make it a special place aboard Seahawk. This cabin, for instance, has ebony cabinets and bed bases not found in the guest cabins.

Fun Activities Aboard Seahawk

Guests will find plenty of fun activities while staying aboard Seahawk. The exterior deck offers plenty of space for socializing. It's also a great place for enjoying the outdoors, whether that means relaxing in the sun or spending time with friends during the evening.

Abundant seating areas make this deck the perfect place for hosting social functions. The smooth design makes it possible for guests to move from the exterior to interior easily so they can enjoy every aspect of Seahawk's social areas.
Seahawk has a hidden recess where the owner can stow a smaller boat. This offers guests a way to explore nearby areas without taking the entire yacht. It also gives guests a way to drift into the ocean, where they can swim while the yacht is anchored.

When the boat isn't in use, it remains under the floor, covered by a teak panel that fits perfectly into the rest of the deck. This feature offers even more deck space for large parties. When needed, the crew can simply open the panel, lift the boat out, and place it in the water for guests to enjoy.

Engineering Specifications of Perini Navi Seahawk

Perini Navi built several new features as part of the Seahawk project. She has a sleeker hull than previous Perini Navi yachts. This gives her perfect proportions.

The Perini Navi Mast Department created new captive reel winches that offer more reeling power and faster maneuvering. They play a crucial role in Seahawk's responsiveness. Seahawk even has new flush deck furlers with motors installed under the deck. This keeps the deck free of obstacles while letting the design team give the furlers more power.

Perini Navi used aluminum to build Seahawk's superstructure, main mast, and mizzen mast. The booms are made of carbon fiber. These lightweight materials help her move quickly. With a total sail area of 2,180 square meters, she can pick up speed even in light wind.

When there isn't any wind, Seahawk can use her two MTU 8V2000M72 main engines. She has a fuel tank that holds up to 47,500 liters (12,548 gallons), giving her a 3,500 nautical mile range when traveling at 12.5 knots. She also has a 12,000-liter (3,170-gallon) tank for clean water.

Seahawk has impressive features that show how much work Perini Navi pours into its designs. The owner has a truly special boat that proudly proclaims his devotion to excellent craftsmanship, comfort, and uniqueness. There isn't another boat in the world that looks and behaves like Seahawk.

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