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Ferrari 458 Speciale

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Ferrari excels at making sports cars for the racetrack and the road. The Ferrari 458 Speciale falls somewhere in between with its beautiful, trim physique and high-performance systems. After unveiling this intense version of the 458 Italia at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, she quickly became the target of jealousy and awe. People felt that way for good reasons.

Under the Hood

Ferrari's experience building race cars always helps it build special vehicles for the road. The company's engineers know how to put a lot of power into a small space, and they keep setting new goals so they constantly move forward towards an idealized form.

When building this car, the designers created the world's most power naturally aspirated engine. That V8 rear-mid engine pumps out an impressive amount of power. At 9,000 RPM, she generates 597 hp (445 kW) and 398 pound-feet of torque (540 N-m). All of that power helps her sprint from zero to 60 miles per house (mph) in under three seconds. She can also reach 125 mph in 9.1 seconds.

They certainly can't compete with her looks.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale's Appearance

The 458 Speciale has a low profile that makes her aerodynamic and attractive. When viewed from the front, she looks like a happy hybrid of animal and machine. Her headlines reach back towards her doors, making her look like she has a big smile.

Ferrari has never shied away from bold designs. It certainly didn't skimp on bold ideas when putting the 458 Speciale together. The mid-rear engine makes her physically balanced enough that designers could put the driver's seat almost right in the middle of the car. Her doors curve in slightly, giving her that trim appearance. Not surprisingly, the Ferrari emblem sits front-and-center underneath the grille.

A blue and white stripe run the entire length of her red body, starting at the tip of the hood and ending at the back of the trunk. Even people who don't know much about cars can tell that the Ferrari 548 Speciale lives up to her name. She is something truly special in appearance and performance.

Driving the Ferrari 458 Speciale

When put on a racetrack, the Ferrari 458 Speciale can hold her own against some of the world's fastest cars, yet she has also has a temperament (and technology, of course) for long, twisting roads in the countryside. Ferrari fans will recognize this as a fairly typical approach for the company. It often makes sports cars that can also take on the challenge of Italy's hilly regions. Not many cars, however, can match this power.

Much of the joy drivers get from the 458 Speciale has to do with the interplay between aesthetics and performance. Her sleek exterior design isn't just for looks, after all. Those contours and vents accomplish several tasks, such as helping her grip the road tightly at high speeds, cut through the air with little resistance, and reach maximum speeds without burning more fuel than necessary.

Inside, she also has systems that contribute to her excellent handling. Her responsive steering, for instance, puts the driver in complete control. Whether your barreling down a straight highway or tackling curvy roads, she reacts quickly to every command.

Ferrari has set a new standard with the 458 Speciale. She will likely influence the company's designers for years. That's good news for those who can't afford to purchase top-of-the-line specialty cars from Ferrari. Eventually, many of 548 Speciale's best features will move to other Ferrari vehicles.

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