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AB Yachts’ 40m Seafire

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FIPA GROUP distinguished itself in the early 1970s by focusing on fiberglass vessels. At the time, many yacht builders weren't convinced that fiberglass offered the benefits they needed for luxury boats. FIPA GROUP recognized that the lightweight, resilient material could help its yachts move faster with less power. This started a traditional of fearless innovation that has made FIPA GROUP one of the world's most important ship builders.

By 2000, FIPA GROUP started paying closer attention to its fleet of AB Yachts. AB 140 belongs to that esteemed group of boats. She offers remarkable handling and performance without sacrificing the comfort that clients want when exploring the world by sea.

Each project brings something new to the FIPA GROUP brand. AB 140 stands out as one of the builder's best yachts. She has that combination of luxury and precision performance that few naval designers or builders can reach.

Staying Aboard AB 140

AB 140 has a main deck, lower deck, and a flybridge. Each serves a unique function for the owner and his guests.

The lower deck houses most of the private areas, including two guest cabin and one VIP cabins. It also has a gym and sauna with a private shower. This makes it possible for guests to enjoy vigorous workouts during relaxing voyages. After workouts, guests can retire to the sauna or their cabins. This configuration makes it convenient for everyone aboard to enjoy these amenities.

The owner's suite features a door that opens onto one of AB 140's most beautiful balconies. Invited guests can walk out onto the balcony to see the ocean's full breadth without any obstacles.

Each cabin has its own bathroom. The interior designers created a unique, sophisticated look by matching lacquered white furniture with floor's and fixtures' carbon fiber construction.

AB 140 has a large dining room that can seat eight people comfortably. The chef prepares meals in a kitchen complete with a white polish lacquered finish. This creates a clean space for the chef to create healthy, delicious meals. Of course, the owner can also use the kitchen as desired.

The careful attention paid to the kitchen's design shows that FIPA GROUP doesn't draw many distinctions between areas intended for guests and crew members. The entire boat, even the crew areas, is made of fine woods and other materials so that it maintains a consistent aesthetic.

AB 140 Makes Luxury a Convenience

Everything about AB 140 combines luxury and convenience. The garage, for instance, has a hydraulic crane that easily lifts the tender out of its holding area into the water. The garage even carries a car just in case the owner wants to explore inland areas while docked in interesting towns around the world.

The saloon also shows how much the owner and FIPA GROUP care about luxury. This large space has huge windows that provide a view of the sea. The saloon's white coloring blends into the windows seamlessly, making it one of the AB 140's most attractive areas. The light coloring continues to the furniture and paneling. White leather furniture offers a comfortable place for guests to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The interior designers had the foresight to mix these light colors with aged oak that creates a dramatic contrast.

Between the boat's luxury and the ocean's beauty, guests might find it difficult to choose a favorite view.

Enjoying the Ocean Breeze

AB 140 has plenty of exterior areas for when the owner and his guests want to enjoy the ocean breeze. The flybridge has comfortable seating that let's guests fraternize with the owner while he manages the yacht's navigation.

It's the perfect spot to host a small party that doesn't exclude anyone.

The main deck's exterior areas also offer plenty of comfortable places for guests to relax. Anyone who enjoys sunbathing will spend a lot of time in this area. It's open design also makes it a great place for socializing, even when the owner invites several guests aboard for a party or other social event.

Technical Specifications for AB 140

FIPA GROUP designed AB 140 for comfort and performance. The 40-meter yacht has three MTU engines that create 2,600 horsepower each. That's a combined 7,800 hp. All of that power makes it possible for AB 140 to reach a top speed of 46 knots. Even at this high speed, she doesn't experience any vibrations or annoying noises. AB 140 has a cruising speed of 42 knots.

FIPA GROUP designed AB 140 for all kinds of travel. Thanks to a 21,000-liter (about 5,548 gallons) fuel tanked, she doesn't need to stop very often. She even has a fresh water tank that carries 4,000 liters (about 1,057 gallons). This makes it possible for the owner and his guests to travel great distances without running out of pertinent supplies.

AB 140's construction material keeps her lightweight and nearly indestructible. Her deep V planing hull is made of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. Her superstructure is made of Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Thanks to a hydrodynamic and technological study, FIPA GROUP has managed to build a yacht that can travel long distances at high speeds... without requiring much power. This continues the ship builder's commitment to discovering innovative solutions.

FIPA GROUP keeps pushing the boundaries of yachting technology and aesthetics. AB 140 is a prime example of the builder's commitment to always moving forward. What else would one expect from a company that builds such resilient, sophisticated yachts. When you work in an industry that relies on luxury travel, you have to move forward faster than other ship builders. That's how FIPA GROUP and AB 140 distinguish themselves.

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