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Perini Navi 56 Fidelis, comfortabe and sophisticated

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Fidelis combines the fine craftsmanship that every yacht owner craves with modern aesthetics that make it stand out as something truly exceptional. The design from Perini Navi emphasizes large space, making it the perfect yacht for sunny days. Whether enjoying the deck or spending time in the comfortable living areas, the owners and their guests get to experience the ocean in true luxury.


The fore cockpit has been designed with two couches and two removable tables. The couches can accommodate as many as 12 people at a time, making it a great place for friends and relatives to gather. With this use in mind, the designers include a waterproof canvas awning that prevents direct sunlight or ocean spray from interrupting activity on the fore cockpit. Instead, the group gets to enjoy the best elements of the ocean without having worry about sunburns or intrusive water. This space forms a 60 square meter area that acts like an open-air terrace. It is the perfect place for the owner and his guests to view the ocean while enjoying each other’s company, playing games, or eating a light meal.

The dining room below deck is the perfect setting for larger meals. The dining room table comfortably seats 12. A lounge is attached to the dining room, only separated by glass doors. This creates an open feeling that feels more like standing in the lobby of a grand hotel than being inside a boat. The lounge has three couches and two armchairs, so there is plenty of room for guests to enjoy themselves.

One of the most innovative aspects of Fidelis is the central element that divides the lounge and the dining room. This element contains the staircase leading to the lower deck. The wall has space for a recessed television that the owner can hide whenever desired. That way, the TV is only present when it is in use. This adds to the overall design of the space by focusing on a minimalistic use of line, color, and furniture. Every element has been chosen because it matches the overall aesthetics of the yacht. Nothing feels out of place.

Even the recessed lighting has been specially chosen for the Fidelis. During the day, large windows let the sun stream into the living areas inside the yacht. At night, the room is illuminated by lights that emphasize the elegance of the Fidelis’s sophisticated interior design.

The lower deck of Fidelis contains the living quarters. The fullbeam stateroom has a double bed situated in the center of the room. An office space shares the room with the sleeping area as well as a lounge area with a couch port. A dressing room leads from the bedroom into two separate bathrooms. One has a bathtub made of Brazilian marble and the other has a shower. The lower deck also contains four guest cabins, each with its own queen-sized bed.

Fidelis was obviously designed with comfort and sophistication in mind. That doesn’t mean, however, that it lacks the power of other yachts. Its aluminum hull and superstructure make it lighter than boats that are made entirely of wood. This lightweight approach means that the engine does not have to waste power pushing unnecessary weight through the water. When the engine is not needed, the Fidelis can sail with the power of the wind. It’s 1,500 square meter sail captures the breeze easily to propel the yacht quietly across the ocean.

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