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Meet the Lürssen 60 Solemates luxury yacht

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Solemates, a 200-foot yacht by Glade Johnson Design, embodies the very ethos of sophistication. The contemporary designs used in the interior and exterior spaces manage to maintain a modern sense of aesthetics while simultaneously remaining warm and tranquil.

Careful attention was paid to the types of woods and fabrics used throughout Solemates. Straight grain Anigre, Wenge, and toned Maple burl run throughout the yacht. Most of the rooms have wood floors that allow spaces to flow from area to the next without interruption. This creates a harmonious feeling in the yacht's interior. The designers chose to use natural fabrics whenever possible. These low sheen fabrics have pale tones that expresses their softness before they are even touched. The designers also included a large amount of stainless steel and mirrored glass as architectural accents. This makes the large rooms appear even larger and contributes to the beauty of light coming in through the windows. The light is also affected by artistic glass that decorates many of the rooms.

Perhaps the most stunning display of aesthetic design aboard Solemates is the foyer stair tower that connects the three interior decks. The wall of this area contains a three-story grid made of inset panes of textured glass and mirrors. This piece of art transforms a common stairway into an extravagant work of beauty. Even the custom doors in this area contain custom bubble glass art that simultaneously looks like a reflective surface and a translucent pane.

Every detail of Solemates was given serious consideration. The custom furniture aboard the yacht shows how much detail designers paid to every space. Every piece of custom furniture is made from Macassar ebony and woven fabric. This creates a cohesive aesthetic appearance throughout the boat, signifying a unique testament to luxury.

Perhaps the bedrooms aboard Solemates are the most luxurious spaces. The owner’s stateroom and the four guest rooms have their own unique designs. Each has it own custom bedding, pale toned plus carpeting, tailored wall panels, and rich wood tones. The Master Bath brings even more luxury to the private area. It has a tub set in a marble tiled platform, two separate sink areas, and wood slats that bring warmth into the room.

When the owner and guests plan to spend time socializing, they can retreat to the sundeck, which is perfect for relaxing or getting in shape. The sundeck has a fully equipped gym with cardio machines and free weights. It also has a bar, lounge, and Jacuzzi that make it easy to relax. This is a great area for gazing out at the surrounding ocean or simply spending quality time with friends.

Mealtime is a special occasion aboard Solemates. There are several suitable for taking meals throughout the boat. The dining table seats 12 people in a stately room with recessed and shaded lights. There is also a large round table that will make every meal feel like a special occasion. Whether the owner and guests decide to eat at the bar or enjoy a full meal in the dining room, they get to enjoy gourmet meals prepared by the expert chefs aboard Solemates.

Solemates embodies the very essence of luxury. It has wonderful art items throughout the boat, making it seem like a floating museum. At the same time, though, it has been designed for comfort. The warm wood tones, custom made furniture, and innovative glassworks make it the ultimate get away for the owner and his guests.

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