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Introducing the mega yacht Proteksan 108’ Jazz jr.

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Protesksan-Turquoise designed the Jazz Jr. to offer a superb blend of comfort and agility. The Jazz Jr. is built to compete in the world's most strenuous yachting competitions. That means it has the power, agility, and speed that make it thrilling to experience. If guests want to spend time on the deck, then they can watch the water pass by while wind whips through their hair. When standing still, they get a relaxing view of the surrounding ocean, making the Jazz Jr. perfect for sunbathing, enjoying a cool drink, or relaxing with friends.

Below the deck’s surface is a cozy interior. The walls have leather and wood molding that adds warmth to every room. Unlike many yachts that are made of aluminum, the Jazz Jr. is made of wood. Every interior beam serves a structural purpose for the boat. While many aluminum yachts add wooden accents to capture the look and feel of traditional boats, the Jazz Jr. offers the real thing.

Jazz Jr.’s center cockpit is the yacht’s social hub. A comfortable couch, wooden table, and entertainment center make it delightful for the owner and his guests to escape the warm sun or cool night air. The interior is fully air conditioned, so it is the perfect place to cool off after spending time in the sun. The center cockpit has plenty of room, making it easy for guests to spread out and relax. It even includes a dining table that can sit all of the guests comfortably. It is the perfect spot for taking meals, discussing the day’s plans, or simply telling stories to pass the time.

The warm aesthetics of the center cockpit continue into each bedroom. Recessed lighting reveals the natural beauty of the wooden interior. The bed sheets compliment the charm of wood and leather, making guests feel comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. The large bed is perfect for storing up energy for the next day or taking a quick cat nap to enjoy the evening’s festivities. On the Jazz Jr., guests feel as comfortable as if they were sleeping in their own homes. Jazz Jr. has three suites that can accommodate as many as eight guests. Additional areas provide room for four crewmembers.

Protesksan-Turquoise has built a range of yachts over the past 25 years. The Jazz Jr. shows how much the designers have learned in that time. It boasts cold molded construction that is reinforced with inverted U section caps made of galvanized steel. Five layers of mahogany, a layer of E glass, and epoxy resins make the Jazz Jr. aesthetically compelling as well as structurally secure. The yacht has a low center of gravity thanks to its the placement of the keels steel section. This makes the Jazz Jr. exceptionally safe as well as fun and relaxing.

Jazz Jr. has the exceptional merits of a tastefully designed boat that equally suits race courses and leisurely cruises. The expertly crafted interior and exterior areas are the epitome of beauty. The rich color of mahogany and leather alone resembles the world’s top country clubs. Jazz Jr. also has attributes that make it an engineering accomplishment. A 450hp Caterpillar engine, 23kW and 13kW Kohler generators, all RHINA classification standards, make it hard for casual passengers and expert yachtsmen not to feel impressed by the power and graceful design of Jazz Jr.

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