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Explore the seas in the NISI 2400

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NISI 2400 was designed to combine the latest in marine technology with classic aesthetics that emphasize luxury and function. Every aspect of the 2400 has been carefully considered to offer the owner and his guests the absolute best experience.

A second helm on the observation deck provides a comfortable area from which the captain or owner can survey the surrounding water and enjoy warm days. To make this possible, the designers included a joystick that makes precise maneuvering while remaining outside. That way, the owner never has to miss any part of the day just because he wants to keep a close eye on his vessel. From the vantage of this perch, he can enjoy conversations and the water without relieving control of his vessel to someone else.

The main deck includes interior and exterior areas that can serve a variety of functions. Inside, there is a lounge area complete with custom furniture specifically designed to match NISI 2400's aesthetics. The interior and exterior parts of the main deck are separated by a glass sliding door that has been designed to continue the look of the windows, creating a seamless area that allows light to enter the interior space without any obstruction. The staterooms are located in NISI 2400's accommodation deck. The master stateroom has a large bed and plenty of space for the owner to relax. It also has a unique spa tub that converts into a settee when needed. Smaller staterooms in the accommodation deck provide sleeping quarters for guests. The accommodation deck also has rooms for the crew. All rooms contain acoustic insulation that prevents sound from traveling. This gives the owner and guests the privacy that they need during their stay aboard the 2400 and protects them from the engine's sounds. A swim platform is also accessible from the accommodation deck, making it easy for guests to easily reach their quarters after enjoying a swim.

While NISI 2400 has been designed for comfort and sophistication, it also includes technology that gives it plenty of power and precise handling. NISI 2400 is the only sub-80-foot yacht that meets requirements for both the RINA Charter and MCA Commercial certifications.

The 2400's architecture and marine technology were developed through a partnership between NISI and Setzer Design Group. It's hull has been designed to make it suitable for competing with America's Cup Class yachts. The engine has enough power for the 2400 to reach 30 knots. All of that power, however, does not mean that staterooms near the engine will get hot. The engine is encased in a room with aerospace insulation that can contain up to 1,000F of heat. The yacht has a range of 1,500 nautical miles at 9 knots, making it possible for the owner and his guests to travel long distances without stopping to refuel. This efficiency comes from optimized geometrics designed by NISI to reduce drag and cut through the water easily.

No expense was spared in making NISI 2400 a top-quality vessel. Every plumbing system in the 2400, including the water, fuel, and emergency bilge systems, are made from metal components that exceed commercial standards. The designers even though to include sound-deadening material in vessel's body to prevent the noise of water-slap from reaching guests. This makes NISI 2400 a remarkably relaxation yacht that can literally and figuratively transport guests to a state of tranquility.

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