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Royal Huisman 48m Wisp

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Wisp, a Superyacht Dream That Came True

To even the most discerning custom superyacht owner, the name of yacht builder "Royal Huisman" brings an acknowledgement of respect and even a bit of envy. That respect and envy continued this past Mediterranean season with the Royal Huisman's new magical creation the sailing superyacht Wisp. The 48m (156ft) raked bow, cutter rigged classic sloop spent her first summer sailing the Med. As the Wisp sailed past another superyacht a typical reaction would be for those aboard to stop and look at the beauty as it passed. Owners, guest and crew alike, would examine this living dream. Like looking at an art collectors masterpieces, you first take in the overall grace. You are drawn to her traditional appearance, still it has a contemporary feel as your eyes take in the Royal Huisman signature Alustar alloy aluminum hull, your eyes travel from the spoon bow to the counter stern. You are impressed by the workmanship even from a distance.

The teak deckhouse has a low profile which accents the grace of the design and the teak decks fore and aft glisten in the morning sun. You take up a pair of high power binoculars, and can see the thick teak decking is perfectly matched and that the deck mounted stanchions are linked not by traditional braided wire, but what appears to be solid stainless steel. As you take in the details of the superyacht you notice things missing, where is the tender? On closer examination you find your eyes past right over it, as she is nested in an indented space designed for her on the foredeck. You mention out loud where are the winches? A sailor nearby tells you he heard they were in a special compartment below deck, accessed from the engine room and monitored by CCTV system. With awe in his voice he continues, the engine room of the Wisp is full height very easy to work in with a separate soundproof room for the chief.

Looking at the rigging and her size, you wonder at her speed. As if on cue, the crew of the Wisp goes to work manning the sails and changes to a racing configuration. The owner is hard at work in the luxurious aft cockpit as he takes a tack to head them into an open sea. As the Wisp races away, you think to yourself, I am very happy with my superyacht but my next one will be built by Royal Huisman.

"Wisp is a shining example of how a modern sailing yacht can still impart a sense of Corinthian spirit," said Alice Huisman, Managing Director of the family owned Royal Huisman. "Her quality design and construction provides ocean-going capability, comfort and performance."

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