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ISA Yachts 44m Silver Wind

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ISA Yachts has been building expertly crafted motor yachts since 2001. Each project takes the company closer to perfection. Silver Wind, one of the world's most unique 46-meter yachts, is a perfect example of how ISA overcomes challenges that have vexed naval designers for years. Given the builder's interest in melding function and beauty, it's no surprise that Silver Wind has features that will interest aficionados of art, travel, and engineering.

Silver Wind is Truly One of a Kind

Silver Wind is a beautiful yacht filled with art and luxury. Its engineering, however, is what makes it truly one of a kind. It is the first yacht to combine the benefits of motor jets and hybrid propulsion. This combination helps Silver Wind reach high speeds without consuming large amounts of fuel. Through this innovative technology, ISA has built one of the world's most efficient yachts without hurting its performance.

When designing Silver Wind for her owners, ISA chose two MTU engines, two Siemens electric motors, and two Kamewa Jets propulsion systems. These systems work together to create huge amounts of power that can propel Silver Wind to maximum speeds up to 32 knots. She even has a cruising speed of 26 knots. Not many 46-meter yachts can keep up with her.

Silver Wind's inventive combination of water jets and hybrid propulsion work with a V hull design to cut through the water, creating as little resistance as possible. A cruising speed of 26 knots is impressive, but not unheard of. It says something special, though, when a yacht traveling this quickly only consumes 1,400 liters (370 U.S. gallons) of fuel per hour. At cruising speed, she can cover 540 nautical miles without stopping to refuel.

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