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Bombardier Global Line

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When it comes to traveling the world in style, you can't get much faster or more luxurious than the Bombardier Global Line of small aircraft.

Global 6000 is Perfect for Business and Pleasure

Global 6000 has plenty of room for up to 12 passengers to relax while traveling long distances. The plane's cabin has distinct areas for resting and working. This makes it possible for corporate teams to prepare business presentations en route to destinations around the world while leaving a separate area for guests to rejuvenate themselves so they feel rested during important meetings. The airplane also has a stateroom where teams can work closely without interruption. Thanks to Bombardier's noise-reducing technology, the stateroom offers a space parallel to that of the world's best boardrooms.

Bombardier designed Global 6000 with business in mind. It has comfortable seating that won't distract business leaders while they work on presentations and briefs. A wide variety of tables will help them find the perfect place to set up their laptop and tablet computers. The tables also provide convenient dining areas for individuals who want to work with as few distractions as possible. Large windows provide ample light while cruising above the clouds. At night, sophisticated LEDs provide light that makes long hours of reading and writing possible without eye fatigue.

Bombardier also designed Global 6000 to maximize the pleasure of travel. The cabin has 1.88-meter (6' 2") ceilings. Full-sized television screens make the state-of-the-art cabin even more appealing to those traveling for pleasure. Having access to hours of on board entertainment means that travelers never have to suffer the boredom of long commercial flights.


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