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Southern Wind’s 102’ Hevea

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Southern Wind Shipyard relied on a trusted team of naval architects and designers to build Hevea, a custom yacht that can travel long distances, even through some of the world’s coldest waters. The owner clearly wanted a yacht that would let him and his family travel the world in style, safety, and comfort. This put special pressure on designers to build a unique vessel that could travel thousands of miles without leaving guests stranded in unfamiliar waters.

To meet these goals, Southern Wind Shipyard teamed with Farr Yacht Design and Nauta Yacht Design, the same groups that have worked on many other Southern Wind projects.

The result has been even better than expected.

Going the Distance in Hevea

Hevea uses some of the world’s most sophisticated nautical technology to offer the distance and safety desired by her owner. 

Her sail spans 517 square meters, making it possible for her to pick up light up light winds. When the sea doesn’t offer enough wind, she relies on a Cummins 305 hp engine. Her 4,815-liter (1,272-gallon) fuel capacity gives the boat a wide range, even when she cannot use the wind to push her forward. Two 19 kW Onan generators provide power throughout the ship.

Of course, Hevea’s passengers need plenty of supplies to get them through lengthy trips. a 2,500-liter (660-gallon) water tank holds enough water for guests and crewmembers. When the tank runs low, a HEM 2 water maker fills it so guests never have to worry about going thirsty or missing showers.

Long trips also require expansive storage space. This posed challenges for exterior and interior designers because they needed to provide plenty of living areas for the owner, his guests, and crewmembers while offering enough space for them to store food, clothing, and other necessities.

Farr Yacht Design also met the challenge of designing a large yacht that could travel long distances safely. The team used lightweight materials to design a flat, wide aft and unique hull shape that helps Hevea remain upright at all times, even when traversing choppy waters and inclement weather.

Enjoying Life Aboard Hevea

Hevea was designed to travel long distances (a challenge she met immediately during her maiden voyage when she traveled 7,500 miles), but she also needed to meet the level of comfort and convenience expected from luxury yacht owners.

Nauta Yacht Design worked tirelessly to make sure that every inch of Hevea’s interior space offered a useful function as well as a beautiful addition to the boat’s overall aesthetic.

The designers chose to create dining and saloon areas that give guests a sweeping view of the ocean. The rooms have large windows that let natural light fill the interior. A dining table and long, built-in couches help create the perfect area for socializing and relaxing during trips.

Hevea has four cabins that can hold up to eight guests comfortably. Three additional cabins provide room for up to five crewmembers.

Guest cabins are perfectly appointed with built-in beds and drawers. Recessed lighting illuminate the cabins while bedside lamps provide extra light for reading. Ceruse oak provides a light, airy feel throughout the rooms that coordinate well with Loro Piana fabrics.

The owner’s suite offers a truly luxurious experience that includes ample headroom, an en suite, built-in couches, and custom-designed drawers that feature transparent front panels. 

Above Deck on Hevea

Designers put just as much hard work into creating the perfect above deck space as they did designing the interior spaces.

The central cockpit provides a comfortable place for guests to relax and take informal meals. Separating it from the aft cockpit means that the owner and his guests can enjoy themselves in privacy while the captain steers them toward their destination.

Guests can also relax on electronically adjustable chaise longues or a sunbathing pad located at the foredeck. These simple embellishments give the owner and his guests a safe, comfortable way to experience the surrounding ocean on warm days. If they venture into colder climates, they can retreat below deck to enjoy its exceptional comfort.

At first glimpse, Hevea might look like any number of sailing yachts. A closer look, however, reveals special details that make it a truly exceptional yacht. By bringing together a team consisting of some of the world’s best naval architects and designers, Southern Wind Shipyard has exceeded all expectations. 

If this is the result of the builder’s past experiences, then the future only holds greater things for buyers lucky enough to purchase yachts from Southern Wind.

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