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Heesen’s 65m Galactica Star

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Heesen’s designers and naval architects had to think far outside of the box to build Galactica Star. The 65-meter yacht is the biggest that Heesen has ever built. It’s also the world’s first aluminum yacht to use a fast displacement hull. This innovative approach to design makes Galactica Star 30 percent more efficient than similar yachts.

Galactica Star includes technological breakthroughs, but it does so in combination with a variety of aesthetics that make it feel more like a luxury beach club than a yacht. Designers put special attention in every detail to build a unique experience for the owner and his guests.

Galactica Star’s Specifications

Galactica Star has a full-beam master suite, four double cabins, and an upper deck VIP cabin, making enough space for up to 12 guests in addition to spaces set aside for crewmembers.

The yacht offers the owner and his guests the opportunity to travel at speeds up to 28 knots. Pushing the boat to this level of performance, of course, reduces its range. Even when traveling at 28 knots, though, Galactica Star uses 20 percent less fuel than conventional yachts. With a fuel capacity of 90,000 liters (23,770 gallons) and the highest power-to-weight ratio of comparable yachts, she has a range of 4,200 nautical miles when traveling at 14 knots. This hull is 30 percent more efficient than any other tested. That makes long journeys possible.

Guests never have to worry about running out of water during long trips. Galactica Star has a fresh water capacity of 30,000 liters (7,920 gallons). 

Galactica Star comes equipped with the latest technology to help guests explore the world in safety. Two MTU 20V 4000 M93L main engines deliver power to Schaffran five-blade propellers with a 2,000mm fixed pitch. An MTU Blue Vision engine control system, 165kW HRP bowthruster, Sperry Marine Systems steering system, and five 26000 Seakeeper Gyro stabilizers give the captain complete control over the yacht’s direction and speed.

Power comes from four on-board generators: two Kilo-Pak 175kW generators, one Kilo-Pak harbor 99kW, and one Kilo-Pak emergency 80kW generator. These are four of the world’s most reliable options for creating electricity while traveling the world’s oceans and shorelines.

Life Aboard Galactica Star

Galactica Star offers some of the most luxurious features that guests could expect to find at even the world’s most distinctive beach clubs. 

The three upper decks have over 267 square meters of space for guests to enjoy. The foredeck features a sunbathing area for guests who want to bask in the sun’s warm rays. It also has a casual dining area and an area designed specifically for parties. Guests who love dance parties will love this area of the boat. No matter what area of the world they visit, this is one of the best clubs around.

A beach club sits on the yacht’s lower deck. Guests have access to a 22-sqare meter swimming platform that lets them dive or casually lower themselves into the water. The beach club also has a 77-sqare ––meter indoor lounge. The lounge features a sauna, fully stocked bar, sofas, air conditioner, and a large plasma screen television. It’s the perfect place whether guests want to enjoy the water or sit inside a comfortable area to escape the heat.

Inside Galactica Star

The exterior decks offer plenty of spaces for fun parties and relaxing in the sun. Inside, though, guests will find attractive designs that offer comfortable seating, lively bars, and some of the best sleeping accommodations available on the water.

Guests who want to enjoy lively parties should spend time on the upper deck’s dining terrace and sky lounge. These two areas connect to create a 70-square meter area where the owner and his guests can socialize at all times of the day. A fully stocked bar makes a great place for a small number of guests to spend time together. Using the entire area, however, creates the perfect room for a party full of onboard guests and those invited to spend a few hours aboard Galactica Star before returning to shore.

The main deck’s dine-in galley has a unique feature rarely seen on luxury yachts. The chef’s table, inspired by the world’s greatest restaurants, gives guests an opportunity to speak with a knowledgeable chef. It’s the best way for them to enjoy the best food and drink pairings created to match their specific preferences.

As with most luxury yachts, the master suite pushes the limits of the interior designers’ talents. The suite has 72 square meters on the main deck that opens onto a private balcony. The master suite also features a walk-in robe and mirrored wall that makes the space seem even larger than it is. The en suite uses heavyweight stone that has been reduced to a few milimeters of thickness by Heesen’s masons. Lexington marble basins are built into silver travertine units accented by large white marble panels. It goes without saying that the designers put considerable time into detailing every inch of this fascinating space. It is much more than the typical en suite bathroom.

A few lucky guests get the chance to sleep in a VIP bedroom located on the upper deck. The VIP bedroom features a separate lounge where guests can relax during the day or unwind before getting into bed.

The lower deck has four guest suites with their own en suites bathrooms. Each one has been designed to match the highest levels of design. Even the most fastidious guests will find themselves in awe of the accommodations. 

Galactica Star stands out as one of the most amazing yachts built by Heesen’s designers. It also stands out as one of the world’s most luxurious 65-meter yachts. The large size, variety of spaces, and attention to detail make it one of the most wonderful ways to explore the world.

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