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CRN’s 80m Chopi Chopi

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When ordering Chopi Chopi from Ferretti Group’s CRN yacht builder, the owner specified that he wanted the ship to feel like a “family house.” He also requested interior designer Laura Sessa work with the CRN Engineering team, which created the boat’s naval architecture plan, and Studio Zuccon International Project, which helped develop the exterior design and interior layout.

The result is a beautiful 80-meter megayacht, CRN’s newest flagship boat, capable of carrying 12 guests and 31 crew members in complete luxury.

Specifications for Chopi Chopi

Ferretti Group included some of the world’s most sophisticated technology in Chopi Chopi. She has two 3516B Caterpillar engine that can produce a combined 4400 horsepower to drive a twin screw propulsion system. This gives her a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 16 knots. 

When traveling at 12 knots, she has a 6000-nautical mile range that makes her perfect for long voyages.

Guests and crewmembers will never have to worry about running out of provisions during these trips. Chopi Chopi has a water tank that holds up to 45,0000 liters (9,898.6 gallons). She also has a water maker that keeps this tank full during voyages. As long as the captain plans to stop for fuel and food, Chopi Chopi could practically travel the world forever.

Since Chopi Chopi has a pilot house with an I-Chart touch screen table, an interactive navigation system, and a 42-inch touch screen display, she could potentially sail the world forever without encountering any difficulties.

Life Aboard Chopi Chopi

Chopi Chopi has five double cabins that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests. Every guest cabin has been uniquely designed. Each one uses dark stained maple and maple furniture to create an organic experience for the guests. They include custom-made details that include Herve Van der Straeten lamps, Les Verreries de Brehat door handles, curtains designed by Loro Piana and Pierre Frey.

With such careful attention to even the smallest accents, the guest cabins stand out as some of the most luxurious options available on all of the world’s oceans.

Since each cabin has its own special features, guests will get a unique experience during their stay. One cabin, for instance, full-beam balcony fitted with a coffee table and comfortable armchairs that let guests enjoy the outdoors even while cruising.

The owners get to take advantage of the ultimate luxury while staying aboard Chopi Chopi. The owner and his wife have an entire deck to themselves. This gives them the ultimate privacy. It’s almost like traveling in a separate yacht from guests and crewmembers. 

The owner’s deck has its own private balcony, furniture designed by Glyn Peter Machin, and an outdoor awning that protects them from harsh sunlight on bright, cloudless clouds. There’s even an area that can turn into a helicopter landing pad. 

The master stateroom also indulges the owner in every luxurious whim. The suite features his and her walk-in wardrobes, an en suite with spaces covered in creamy,  white marble. An external deck features sun pads, a lounge, a Jacuzzi, and a small table where the owner’s family can enjoy private breakfasts while taking in the ocean wind.

All the Luxury You Can Imagine

If you can think of a luxury, chances are that someone thought to include it in Chopi Chopi.

She makes use of the latest home automation technology. The owner and his guests can use iPad Minis located throughout the boat to control everything from the curtains and lights to her entertainment system. The tablet computers even let guests communicate directly with crewmembers, making it easy for them to receive anything they want no matter where they are. With 24-hour butler service, they don’t even have to wait for middle-of-the-night refreshments.

Chopi Chopi’s upper deck, just one of a total five decks! is where a lot of the fun happens. It has a fully furnished cockpit where anyone can relax. It also has two outdoor tables that make it the perfect area for social gatherings. The owner can even decide to hold larger meals there by converting the two tables into one, larger table that seats up to 20 guests. That way, no one feels excluded.

Inside the upper deck, guests will find a lobby that makes the perfect place for watching movies. It features several plush couches and a 103-inch plasma television. Tables and chairs provide an option for guests who prefer playing cards or enjoying conversation. Guests can also sit at the upper decks interior, staring out the large window, transfixed by the ocean’s beauty.

Formal dinners occur at the upper deck’s interior aft that’s separated from the rest of the deck by sliding doors. The dining room and its adjoining bar are decorated with coral and orange colors that recreate the sea’s most wonderful underwater visions. Natural light also floods the dining room thanks to glazing that protects guests from the outside even while it makes them feel that they are a part of their surroundings. 

The dining room table has room for 24 people. This makes it possible for the owner to host dinner parties for friends living in various port cities. They don’t have to stay aboard the boat to enjoy its glamour and luxury. Instead, they can partake in a lavish dinner and short cruise. What more could a friend ask for?

Everything about Chopi Chopi has been fully customized. She is a one-of-a-kind accomplishment that draws attention everywhere she goes. 

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