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The focus on detail in the Oceanco 88 Nirvana

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What would you call one of the most beautifully, painstakingly designed 290-foot yachts in the world? Nirvana, of course. While some naval architects might take that term lightly, Oceanco focused on every detail of the yacht to make sure it meet the owner's needs. The results is a wonderful craft with high performance, comfort, and plenty of space as well as beauty.

Nirvana's Performance and Range Oceanco did not let technical performance take second seat to beauty. The 88.5 Nirvana has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure that offers lightweight stability in practically any weather condition. Two engines churn out 4830 horsepower to bring the rather large yacht to an impressive 20 knots. Considering that Nirvana has a 2320 ton displacement, even the most demanding engineer should find those numbers impressive.

Nirvana was designed to meet the needs of an active family that enjoys traveling the world. It has a range of 5000 nautical miles, a 73,968-gallong fuel capacity, and a 45,437 water capacity. Few ships make it that easy to explore the world. The owner's essentially wanted a beach house that could travel the world's oceans. That's exactly what they got.

Staying Aboard Nirvana

The owner has a master suite that puts many yachts to shame. In addition to a private bedroom, it has a lounge, lobby, and private exterior deck only accessible through the master suite. For an added touch of luxury, the exterior deck area has its very own whirlpool.

Guests traveling with the owner and his family also get the royal treatment. Nirvana can accommodate up to 12 travelers in addition to 26 crew members. A VIP suite has his and her bathrooms as well as its own lounge, allowing the owner's favorite guests to relax in privacy. Other guests get to stay in four double VIP cabins. These are beautifully designed rooms with light wood, built-in lamps, and nautical-themed bed sheets. Few guests have ever been pampered with such welcome.

Common Areas on Nirvana

Nirvana has six decks, giving guests plenty of space to enjoy a wide variety of activities, whether they want to lounge in the sun, enjoy a gourmet meal, or get some exercise in the gym. All six decks are connected by a glass lift and stainless steel sculpture. The sculpture supports the lift while adding exceptional, one-of-a-kind beauty throughout the yacht.

A formal dining room on the main deck has enough seating for all guests. A floral-patterned floor evokes the jungle's wild, but the sophisticated table and chairs could only come from a contemporary designer with experience in high fashion.

The main saloon provides an interior space that's perfect for parties or spending time with small groups. The seating arrangements make it easy to converse and mingle, even if you're a busy host trying to make all of his guests feel welcome. Large panes of glass allow everyone to look out at the ocean view while television screens provide more exciting entertainment after the sun has gone down. The room really comes together, though, because of its bamboo-lined walls. Of course, the presence of fascinating Brazilian fossils and a sculpture inspired by clouds on an ocean voyage add something very special to the salon.

Visitors can also find two vivariums on the main deck. The vivariums have bearded dragons, chameleons, water dragons, and other reptiles. They're as amazing to watch as the ocean waves.

If guests need something more to excite their senses, they can head to the on-boat cinema. It's complete with cushiony love seats, tables, and a professional-quality projector. Of course, there's also a bar and popcorn machine on hand. It's the ultimate movie night no matter which flick you choose.

Living on the Deck

When it comes to spending time outside on the open decks, few yachts can compare to Nirvana. It has one large, circular area that acts as a main gathering space. Chairs let guests lounge in the sun, or they can choose to stretch out on a large sun pad. Those who want something a little more private can venture to the lower decks, where they will find small tables suitable for two or three diners. A small pool offers a reprieve from the heat when Nirvana is on the move.

Nirvana's owners obviously love beauty, travel, and relaxation, but they also want excitement. Their yacht, therefore, comes stocked with plenty of toys. The water sports room stores six jet skis, two Vikal tenders, a ski boat, and diving equipment.

Nirvana gives the owner's guests exactly what the name implies. No matter what kind of experience visitors want, they can find it aboard this ultra-luxury yacht.


Length overall: 88.50m / 290.35ft

Beam overall: 14.20m / 46.59ft

Displacement 2320 tons

Range 5,000 nm

Fuel capacity 280,000 litres

Water capacity 172,000 litres

Material Steel hull &

aluminium superstructure

Maximum speed: 20 knots

Naval architect: Oceanco / Azure

Exterior designer: Sam Sorgiovanni Designs

Interior designer: Sam Sorgiovanni Designs

Delivery: April 2012

Owner: Master suite, study, owner's lounge, lobby and private

exterior deck area with whirlpool.

Guests: 1 VIP suite with lounge and his & her bathroom,

4 double VIP cabins.

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