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The Royal Huisman 57 Twizzle, the strength of tradition with the comfort of modern motor yachts

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The Royal Huisman Twizzle does something that few yachts can accomplish: it combines the strength of traditional sailing yachts with the comfort and amenities of modern motor yachts. The owners were quite specific: they wanted a yacht that could win sailing competitions, but they also wanted to feel that they were on a luxurious vacation every time they stepped aboard.

Bringing the Best Talents Together 

Royal Huisman knew that it would have to bring some of the world's best talents together to make Twizzle truly spectacular. The builder hired Dubois Naval Architects to design the ship, Redman Whiteley Dixon for the exterior and interior design, and Todhunter Earle Interiors for interior decor. All of this was overseen by Steve Jacover at Yacht Project Management.

Twizzle's Innovative Performance

The owner wanted a yacht that could traverse the world's waterways easily. Royal Huisman and its partners immediately got to work on a sail structure that would offer maximum performance in nearly all weather conditions. A swing keel lets Twizzle catch a shoal draft at a mere 3.8m. When the captain needs more enthusiastic movement, he can rely on a duplex stainless steel centerboard that lowers to 10.8. Perhaps most importantly, though, is that the centerboard lowers in just a minute, allowing the captain to make quick decisions during navigation.

Twizzle can catch even the slightest breeze. On windless days, it relies on a Caterpillar C32 Acert that delivers 970 kW at 2100 RPM to a four-blade, 1500 mm Wartsila Propulation Controllable pitch propeller. In other words, this beauty can really move, even when the weather doesn't want to participate.

These features put the captain in total control whether he needs to overpower other ships in a racing competition or just leisurely slip through calm waters during a trip.

Traveling Aboard the Royal Huisman Twizzle

No guest could possibly have a boring day aboard Twizzle. In addition to the wonderful, expansive views of pristine water and busy ports, guests have several entertainment options, including Jetstream Internet broadcasting that lets them connect the Web from any location in the world. The real fun, however, is delivered via a Harris Grant Integrated Entertainment system. This system lets guests enjoy movies and other videos stored on a Creston media matrix. It also accepts Blu-Ray discs. Thanks to the Oculus Yacht Eye 3D imaging, guests might find themselves occasionally ignoring the natural beauty that surrounds them. That natural beauty, however, is what makes Twizzle so special. Some sailing yachts cut corners to improve speed. Royal Huisman poured all of its resources and influence into building a yacht with breathtaking aesthetics.

Redman Whiteley Dixon has set a new bar for combining interior and exterior areas. Several interior rooms flow effortlessly into the outside. The flybridge, for instance, creates a ceiling that covers a small al fresco dining and lounge area. Guests who want to enjoy the cool ocean breeze without getting a lot of direct sun can spend their time here. Large glass doors lead inside the yacht, where guests will find another seating area that promotes relaxed conversations.When these doors and fully pushed apart, it's difficult to tell where one room ends and the other begins.

Sometimes, of course, guests want a pure outdoor experience. An on-deck dining area puts guests out in the air and sun while they enjoy a meal or a glass of wine. This area has more than custom-made tables and chairs. It also features an outdoor grill where the chef prepares meals. This is an innovative and smart design that lets the smell of cooking food stimulate everyone's appetites as they wait for their meal.

The Owners' Stateroom and Guest Cabins

Anyone familiar with the world's greatest yachts will know that designers pay particular attention to the owners' stateroom. Twizzle, however, offers something a little extra in addition to the amenities and comforts of most luxury yachts. Yes, there is an oversized king bed, plenty of storage space, two bathrooms (one featuring a steam shower), and a study. What's really fetching about this room, though, is its connection to the yacht's design.

Right in front of the bed is the lower section of the mizzen mast, running right through the room. Some might think that this sounds inconvenient. In reality, though, it's an artful structure that can remind the owners that they are in control of this spectacular yacht.

The guest cabins might not have masts running through them, but they do have artful aesthetics that rival the world's greatest hotels. Flush portholes allow natural light to gently illuminate the rooms' subtle pastels and hand-stained European oak. Each cabin has its own en suite with wash basins that have been sculpted from single pieces of marble.

The Royal Huisman Twizzle offers a special take on modern yachts. It combines the best elements of motor and sailing ships to create a unique vessel that will serve the owners well as they explore the world in comfort.


Length over all (l.o.a.) 57.49 m / 188.61 ft

Length on design waterline (d.w.l.) 48.95 m / 160.73 ft

Beam max. 11.59 m / 37.99 ft

DWL draft to USK (max) board down 10.80 m / 35.43 ft

DWL draft to USK (min) board up 3.80 m / 12.47 ft

Displacement at DWL 550 tons / 1,212,543 lbs

Gross tonnage 496 GT

Hull speed 17 knots

Range 4000 Nm at 12 knots

Ballast 110 tons.

Fuel tanks 44,150 l

Fresh water tanks 11,700 l

Project management Steve Jacover – Yacht Project Management

Builder Royal Huisman

Year of delivery 2010


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