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J Craft's Torpedo, history and unique style

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The people of Sweden have a long history of making sturdy sea vessels that can withstand the harsh northern waters. J Craft's Torpedo maintains a connection to this history while giving owners a unique style that has been influenced by classic cars.

Each Torpedo takes at least 5,000 hours to make. That's because the company is committed to making each boat by hand. Every detail, from the upholstery's stitching to the polished mahogany has been created by expert craftsmen to meet the desires of each owner. Few boats offer such a personalized experience without any compromise.

J Craft has made a boat that can tour local waters or become an essential part of a larger yacht. A 40-foot deck gives guests plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the scenery, assuming, of course, that they can take their eyes away from the boat's detailed instruments, comfortable seating, and finely shaped components. At a sprint, Torpedo can reach 44 knots. It cruises along leisurely at 35 knots. Thanks to its 265-gallond fuel tank, it can travel about 150 nautical miles at 43 knots. It also carries 53 gallons of fresh water. That's perfect for exploring the inlets and marinas without overnight plans.

J Craft's Torpedo relies on two Volvo Penta IPS350 engines and a Volvo IPS engine. At slow speeds, it purrs along gently. When the owner wants to kick up a wake, though, Torpedo is ready for action.

The engineering details will impress even the most experienced yachtsman. Most people, however, will simply feel captivated by Torpedo's fine aesthetics. The open cockpit lets everyone, include the captain, enjoy the view. A rear sun pad offers plenty of room for guests to lounge while they enjoy the scenery or prepare for a dip in the water. Below deck, one finds an exquisite space filled with carefully stitched leather seating and woods polished so perfectly that they shine.

The real beauty of J Craft's Torpedo, though, is in the details. Every element has a history and design of its own. The Ralph Lauren-designed plaid fabric makes the ordinary something special; the chrome instruments glimmer in even the barest light. The instrument panel makes it simple for the captain to navigate waters, but it also offers an analogue clock that has been painstakingly made just for this craft.

These details are completely unique to Torpedo. Perhaps even more important, though, is that J Craft custom makes each one. No two are alike because owners have the privilege of choosing the elements that fit their personalities. With J Craft, every boat is a work of art that will never be replicated.

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