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Heesen 55 Quinta Essentia, the aesthetic and technical breakthrough

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Heesen has broken new technical and aesthetic ground with its Quinta Essentia yacht. One glance at this impressive 55-metre boat shows that its unconventional aesthetics separate it from all other yachts. Spending time on the vessel only offers more proof that the Quinta Essentia offers a unique experience that makes other yachts seem plain.

Quinta Essentia is named for the elusive Fifth Element that Greek gods guarded closely. True to its name, it is the culmination of efforts by some of the most talented designers and engineers. By bringing together some of the greatest names in yachting, Heesen has introduced a vessel that outshines previous attempts.

The Quinta Essentia is a terrific example of what Heesen Yachts and Nakhimov of Monaco can accomplish when they combine their resources. Frank Laupman, of Omega, created a striking interior for Quinta Essentia that gives it a unique style. Ken Freivokh also laid down the interior of the boat, making sure that every detail was artfully accomplished. Michela Reverberi created an enticing decor that balances elements of the yacht's interior and exterior. Van Oossanen & Associates developed the hydro-dynamics for the ship. Even the interior's metallic red paint was carefully designed to honor the owner's Montemaggio Merlot vineyard. These combined efforts have lead to one of the most exciting yachts in modern memory.

Heesen didn't spend all of its resources on design, though. Quinta Essentia's statistics are staggering, even to experienced yachtsmen. The internal volume weighs in at 800 gross tons. Despite this, the vessel has enough power to move at 24 knots. It has a highly efficient hull and 147,000-liter full tanks that give it a range of over 4,500 nautical miles. You not only travel in style. You can travel wherever you want without limits.

The designers and engineers making Quinta Essentia did not balk at challenges. One of the most painstakingly designed features is a 7,000-liter Jacuzzi pool on the main deck. The pressurized water falling into the pool comes through 3,000 one-millimeter holes drilled into the stainless steel deck head. The falling water's pressure is so precise that you could use it to watch projected movies.

The wet dock that houses a 25-foot limousine tender is another engineering marvel, especially for a 55-metrer yacht. This carefully designed concept lets guests walk aboard the tender without worrying about any tricky maneuvers used to embark from the swimming platform.

The sun deck amazes many guests. Its design is dedicated to health and beauty. It has a fully-equipped Technogym, a sauna, steam room, and even a professional treatment salon. When guests have finished with their workouts, they can relax in a circular television lounge that offers sea-grass paneling and spectacular views. The deck also has a Jacuzzi, areas for sunbathing, and a large dining terrace.

The Quinta Essentia's sky lounge will stun guests who have never experienced the level of sophistication and beauty that this vessel offers. Heesen designed reduced-weight windows that surround the circular salons and open onto side balconies and the aft deck. The light-weight technology used to make this large glass design means that the yacht's performance does not suffer. Heesen also installed a fireplace and baby grand piano in the sky bar, creating a sophisticated area where guests can relax.

Quinta Essentia has pearlised paneling that required more than 20 layers of lacquer. The lacquer was first sprayed and then hand polished to achieve this gorgeous effect. Installers also had to face the challenge of working with extremely fragile macassar ceiling bands that cover the full height of the wall. Installation experts then fashioned custom-engineered Ad Notam black mirror plasma screens into the macassar cabinets. The perfect construction used to make these reflective surfaces prevents any distortions.

Quinta Essentia can accommodate up to 12 guests with its six cabins. The master suite takes up nearly 100 square meters of the main deck. The bedroom is set within a concave cocoon of glass and opens on both sides to a private balcony that runs the room's length. It features walk-in wardrobes, a private office, and additional double cabin that create the sense that you are staying in an entire apartment.

The in suite bathroom was created with careful attention to comfort and style. It has a one-piece black stone bath that has been mounted on a white onyx floor. The wood cabinets are edge with black marble detailing and the mirror has been inset with a bonded silver leaf frame. Guests can even take control of the blinds and lighting.

Guests suites on Quinta Essentia have been designed with the same attention to detail and uniqueness as the master suite. The lower deck has VIP, double, and twin cabins that open directly onto the central lift lobby. This allowed the designers to maximize the size of each cabin. The beds and furniture in each room are set on plinths, which gives the impression that they are floating above the floor. This gives the rooms an atmosphere of light and space.

Dobroserdov design made the colour scheme , and supervision of logo creation (designer Artpost). Coordination of interior design work (designers Ken Freivokh Design и Michela Reverberi Design).

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