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CNB Chrisco, an extraordinary yacht

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The CNB 100 is an extraordinary yacht built to withstand heavy seas and the Bay of Saint Tropez without sacrificing the contemporary style that most people find alluring in yachts. The vessel has elongated lines, spacious roofs, a voluminous cockpit, and unique glass panels that emphasize the beauty of its interior and exterior design. The CNB 100 was designed for an Eastern European couple that wanted to incorporated aesthetic design into a modern marvel of technology. The avant-garde design of the CNB 100 reflects their lifestyle. Working closely with the owner and naval architect Luca Brenta & Co. Yacht Designers, and interior designers Wetzels Brown Partners, CNB has created a yacht that truly makes an impression. Like all of CNB's projects, this one brings us into an exclusive world of contemporary yachts.

In making the CNB 100 yacht, designers focused on creating an entire coachroof/coaming that is made entirely out of glass. According to the designers, this is the yacht's most impressive feature.

When approach the design concept, they had to confront the idea that most glass panels are completely flat. In order to meet the challenge set before them, though, they had to create a blended, continuous surface made of several panels. The designers succeeded in making the glass panels look like a completely separate part of the boat. In fact, the coachroof actually seems to grow out from the hull/deck volume. To do this, they carefully designed the glass/deck intersection so that the glass would appear to disappear below.

The interior of CNB 100 emphasizes beauty, lightness, comfort, flexibility, and functionality. Many interior elements, including the dining chairs, navigation seat, and shower room LED lightwalls, were specially designed for the vessel.

The CNB 100's deckhouse offers a panoramic view that creates an interaction between the interior and exterior spaces. This helps create a modern living space where the indoor and outdoor areas can mingle with each other rather than existing exclusive of the other.

The guests cabins were made to offer enough flexibility for individuals to use the spaces as they wish. Guests can arrange the private lounge with a deep sofa or with the extendable bed to create a full double cabin. The owner's cabin takes up the entire area forward from the mast lobby. It has two double beds, an open plan dressing area, and a bathroom / sauna.

The designers did not want to separate the yacht's interior design from its exterior designs, so they made the hull form clearly visible from the inside. Interior joinery are treated as separate elements to visually maximize the space while reinforcing the feel of being inside a yacht.

The interior colors focus on an interplay of black and white. This creates a soft, comfortable space for the owner. Other design elements include a palette of black carbon fiber, leather, transparent panels, linen, silk, and gloss and matte paint finishes. This offers a unique, constantly changing experience for the owner and his guests.

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