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Lisa Airplanes AKOYA

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AKOYA, pure innovation takes the form of an aircraft.

Liza Airplanes is exploring unknown ground, and as a result the new AKOYA was born. Innovation in all fronts, AKOYA will transform your dreams into reality. Versatility co-joined with technology is, without a doubt, what defines this two-seat amphibian aircraft that has the capacity to take off and land on multiple and diverse surfaces. But what really surprises is the single fact that its innovation and compact design in no way alter the plane's aerodynamics, making it equally effective in air as in water and distinguishing it from regular seaplanes or other amphibian aircrafts.

Its elegant lines are inspired in the grace of a white swan; and thanks to its swiveling wings this light and handy airplane can be store easily in a garage or even more aboard a yacht; so air and sea combine at the reach of your hand. Taking a step forward in innovation, this futuristic creation comes also with a retractable landing gear equipped with integrated skis and is the only aircraft in the world to have two hydrofoils, facilitating the take off and landing in water and providing more comfort for the pilot and co-pilot.

In terms of its aerodynamic performance, its technical improvement allows it to reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h, a greater autonomy providing a range over 2000 km, a fuel consumption of only 5.6L/100km, and the ability to take off and land in only 200 meters. Besides, this petite airplane is stated to be the only aircraft capable to successfully land on ground, water and snow, so you can practically take it anywhere you need and with no difficulties in transportation.

AKOYA breaks through every limit. Its innovative approach and its versatility make it perfect for every situation; air and sea can now be connected in a glance. Take a ride into the future with AKOYA.

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