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CRN specializes in building steel and aluminum yachts measuring between 40 and 90 meters long. Saramour, a 61-meter luxury yacht, fits perfectly within the company's oeuvre. Her large size gives the owner and his guests ample room for relaxation, recreation, and exploring the world in style. She also has accommodations designed to meet the desires of practically any traveler.

Saramour's Extensive Interior

Saramour has accommodations for up to 10 passengers and 14 crewmembers. Guests get to choose between two suites and two VIP cabins. The owner has a master stateroom that gives him exclusive access to the upper deck.

The master stateroom is located towards the bow, near the yacht's circular lobby. The stateroom offers unlimited comfort and privacy. Even as guests move about the yacht, the owner can choose to make the stateroom walls opaque or transparent. Simply touching a button turns the lobby wall dark, separating the owner from the rest of the ship so no one has to feel that they are interrupting him while using the gym, sun deck, and other areas near the master stateroom.

All cabins have ensuites. The master stateroom even has a shower with a mosaic made of gold leaf and burgundy flowers.

The yacht's interior design has been called both "sobering" and "playful." A closer look at this one-of-a-kind vessel shows that both of these descriptions are accurate. Working closely with the owner, CRN's Interiors and Design Department created a sophisticated style that uses Canaletto walnut, lacquered burgundy, and Thala Beibe marble.

The colors contrast in a way that's decidedly modern and minimalistic. The owner, however, has a playful side that drives him to collect interesting works of art, many of which are kept on board Saramour. His interest in the visual arts helps explain why the design's sober quality gets disrupted by bursts of color. As guests wander through public areas, they may spot couch that adds a blast of bright yellow to the otherwise demure aesthetic. After touring the boat, many will conclude that the minimalist approach to design provides a backdrop that only adds to the beauty of Saramour's custom furniture and artwork.

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