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The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the fastest open-top sports car

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When Bugatti decided to create a version of Bugatti Veyron which combined the performance of the Super Sport and the stylish appearance of the Grand Sport, heads turned in their direction and expectation went through the roof. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was the result of this bold move – an open top roadster that turned out to be the fastest open-top sports car in the entire world with a record of 408.84 km/h (254.04 mph).

Impressive though it may be, the world speed record is not the most outstanding aspect of this sports car. Bugatti has gone to great lengths to ensure the Grand Sport Vitesse owners get not only the fastest open-top car there is, but also a beautiful model with exceptional comfort and safety features.

Grand Sport Vitesse's Technology

The drive system has been optimized to reach the incredible performance of the Grand Sport Vitesse. Four turbochargers and air coolers have been enlarged and the exhaust gas back pressure has been reduced to achieve an increase in power. The fuel consumption, however, has not been compromised and has even been reduced. The Veyron Super Sport's 4-pump tank fuel system was placed in this model, but the state-of-the-art drive train and the 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) has been adapted to provide potential owners the thrilling sensation of driving a car with a continuous and safe power transmission.

The W16 engine is something out of this world and, with a maximum torque of 1,500 Nm at 3,000 – 5,000 rpm, can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.6 seconds thanks to its maximum output of 1,200 hp at 6,400 rpm. Not only does the Vitesse have a 199 hp increase in its output compared to the Grand Sport, it has also become the fastest roadster ever built with a maximum speed of 410 km/h (255 mph).

Bugatti takes safety measures very seriously, especially with such a powerful car. In its 'normal' handling mode, the Grand Sport Vitesse has a special safeguard which electronically limits its speed to 375 km/h (233 mph).

Grand Sport Vitesse's Design

Much has been said about the design of this sports car. While there is truth to this statement, the new modifications are plain to see and have greatly enhanced the car's performance.

The front end of the Grand Sport Vitesse, for example, features larger air intakes than the Grand Sport, which aids in providing this open-top sports car with an impressive high-performance appearance. Whether you see this marvel carefully parked in a brightly lit stage or it passes you by like a blur, you get the feeling it can reach extreme speeds. The rear end boasts a double diffuser and a centrally positioned twin tailpipe like the Super Sport, but a new Park Distance Control system (PDC) has been included in order to make parking easier.

A full carbon fiber monocoque and a carbor fiber outer skin make the Grand Sport Vitesse an extremely safe vehicle while allowing it to easily reach great speeds. The outer skin is also available in clear-coated visible carbon for an extreme look.

The World Record Car of the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013 in April, but the impressive roadster has been in the market since 2012 at close to 2 million euros, which seems like a bargain for the privilege of driving the fastest roadster in the world on a regular basis.

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