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The Abeking & Rasmussen Excellence V, luxury lifestyle and extravagance

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It's easy for onlookers to swoon when they see large yachts enter a port. They imagine the luxuries aboard the ship and the extravagant lifestyle that must come with the ability to travel the world so easily.

What many people don't realize, though, is that a large yacht often has difficulties pulling into ports with shallow water. Prior to purchasing Excellence V from Abeking & Rasmussen, the owner found that his 78-meter yacht often couldn't enter his favorite Caribbean ports. That presented a serious problem that he wanted to solve.

Abeking & Rasmussen followed close instructions from the owner to make sure that Excellence V meet every specification. At 60 meters, Excellence V is still a rather large boat for shallow waters. That meant A&R had to take an innovative approach to satisfying their long-term client.

Specifications for Excellence V

Excellence V is a 60-meter twin screw motor yacht with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. She has a cruising speed of 13 knots. At 12 knots, she has a 4,400-nautical mile range. When pushed to her limits, though, she tops out at 15.5 knots.

She gets this power from two MTU generators and two MTU 16 V 4000 M53R engines that offer 1,495 kW. A five-blade fixed pitch propeller pushes Excellence V through the water with ease.

To keep the owner and his guests on the right path, Excellence V uses a NautoPilot 2016 that works with two Leica MX 420-8 DGPS systems, an Anschutz Standard 22 GG/GGM gyrocompass system, and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This top-of-the-line equipment keeps Excellence V perfectly on course at all times.

She also has two radio systems and three portable VHF communication systems to keep the owner and crew in touch with the outside world.

An Innovative Approach to a Smaller Yacht

Although A&R made Excellence V shorter than the owner's previous yacht, the naval architect firm managed to offer 50 percent more volume than other 60-meter yachts. The team accomplished this by using a 12.5-meter beam and adding an extra deck. That way, Excellence V could enter any of the owner's favorite ports without making guests feel claustrophobic. Instead, they have plenty of room to enjoy the journey, whether they prefer the outdoors or staying inside.

Life Aboard Excellence V

A&R worked with Reymond Langton Design to make Excellence V feel like as much a part of the water as possible. Guests will find large windows throughout the interior, making it seem as if they could step into the ocean water without hesitation.

All five of the guest cabins are located on the main deck, which increases the experience of staying at a beachside resort instead of aboard a yacht. The water laps at the guests' cabin windows while light pours in from every direction.

The owner's cabin has a wealth of features that offer privacy, relaxation, and beauty. The cabin has a 180-degree vista and a private deck that comes with plenty of sun loungers, a Jacuzzi, and a screen that offers extra privacy. Inside, the owner's suite has an open feeling with scattered furniture and a plush bed for long, comfortable rests.

Finding nicer accommodations would lead one on a journey to the world's most expensive hotels. The owner gets to experience this level of luxury whenever he finds time to take Excellence V out on the water.

The guests also get to enjoy plenty of luxury. The beach club has a bar and gym where they can either burn off calories or imbibe their favorite drinks. There's even an onboard waterfall placed at the sun deck's rear wall.

Adventurous guests will want to take advantage of the tender launching system. This system gently places the tender into the water, allowing the guests to explore shallower waters or investigate coastlines without concern. When they return from their day trips, the launching system returns the tender to Excellence V. A captain's assistance always helps, but nearly anyone could use this system.

Guests who don't want to explore the world can remain on the boat, where they have access to plenty of entertainment options. Excellence V offers on demand music and video that stream through a ship-wide network. She even has her own server to store large amounts of media.

The owner knew exactly what he wanted when he asked A&R to build Excellence V. His experience with other yachts has had an influence on this exceptional vessel. It stands out as one of A&R's greatest accomplishments. Without the owner's demands, the architects might never have tackled problems that once seemed beyond reach.

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