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Lürssen 86m Quattroelle, an engineering and design masterpiece

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Lurssen Yachts has built many of the world's most impressive vessels, but the Quattroelle stands out as a masterpiece of design and engineering. The owner, who already owned a 60-meter yacht by Lurssen, started the project with exceptional demands. This gave Lurssen Yachts and its partners the kind of challenge that only an expert yachtsman could conceptualize.

To make Quattroelle, the client chose to team up with Nuvolari & Lenard, a design firm that Lurssen had not used previously. Designing the interior and exterior of an 86-meter yacht creates several challenges. Nuvolari & Lenard managed to create a funnel design that honors the yacht's size and makes a sleek appearance. Some have compared the funnel design to a Formula One car. It stands out as something inspired amongst water-going vessels. No one has ever created a yacht that looks like Quattroelle.

The Specifications of Quattroelle

Quattroelle has a range of 6,000 nautical miles while travelling at 12 knots. When pushed to her limits, though, she can reach 17 knots. That power comes from two CAT engines that produce 2,000 KW at 1,600 RPM. She has three auxiliary engines, also made by CAT.

To make the most of this power, Lurssen matched the engines and generators with Rolls Royce steering gears that have two high-lift rudders. Lurssen also included two fixed pitch propellers made by Piening and two gear boxes from Reintjes.

A yacht designed to travel up to 6,000 nautical miles needs significant fuel and water supplies. Quattroelle can hold up to 229,000 liters (60,495 gallons) of fuel. She has a 40,600-liter (10,725-gallon) fresh water capacity. She's fitted with two HEM Simplex fresh water makers.

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Lurssen Quattroelle superyacht

Guests and Crew Aboard Quattroell

Quattroelle's interior has plenty of space for the owner, his guests, and the boat's crew.

The main deck has three VIP suites and two guest suites. VIP suites are larger than standard guests suites; they also have double beds instead of the twin beds found in the guest suites.

Although Nuvolari & Lenard use beige, blue, and warm brown colors throughout the yacht's suites, each room has a unique design. This makes each room a new experience for guests, even if they have travelled aboard Quattroelle before. Each suite has unique flowing lines that evoke a combination of traditional and modern aesthetics. They offer generous space, including a love seat and small desk -- not to mention large windows that bring the ocean view inside.

Quattroelle has enough space in the lower deck for up to 29 crew members in 17 cabins. That's plenty of help to meet the needs of the guests and captain during long voyages. Keeping crew members in the lower deck also separates them from the guests and owner, creating a private experience for everyone on Quattroelle.

The owner's area surpasses the beauty and functionality that anyone could expect. Taking up half of the upper deck, the owner's area has a private study, the owner's suite, and two children's cabins. The owner's suite has two separate bathrooms and dressing rooms; a walk-in wardrobe the size of a cabin, and a panoramic view of the ocean.

The owner's suite has a luxurious area for relaxing, reading, or preparing for the day. A custom designed couch brings out the beauty of wooden shelves, trim, and drawers. Everything in the suite was designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, so each piece has that one-of-a-kind feel that no one can reproduce. Whether stretched out in relaxation or dead in thought, this area of the suite still gives the owner sweeping views of the surrounding sea.

Life Aboard QuattroelleLife on the Lurssen Quattroelle superyacht

Quattroelle has a wonderfully designed interior complete with a spiral staircase that features handmade rails. Despite the careful attention paid to every interior detail, guests should find the exterior just as comfortable and enchanting.

The aft decks are all open so guests can experience the Mediterranean breezes and warm sunlight. A staircase connects all of the aft decks, making it simple for guests to visit each one at their leisure.

The pool deck is an unquestionable attraction for anyone who loves water and sunlight. It has a pool where guests can relax or swim while traveling. It also has two large lounging areas where guests can stretch out. Built-in umbrellas offer shade for those who prefer it. The combination of pool and seating turns this deck into an unmatched private beach club. Thanks to the pool deck, the owner doesn't even need to stop the boat for his guests to enjoy the best features of the Mediterranean sea.

The upper aft deck should also attract much attention. It has glass panels that slide and pivot, allowing the owner to turn the entire deck into an outdoor area, or close it when the weather feels a tad too cool or warm. This essentially lets the owner turn the upper aft deck into a large solarium. Even when the weather turns cold, he can host parties on this perfectly designed part of his ship.

The aft deck has a large table that can comfortably accommodate 18 guests. By shutting the glass panels, diners can enjoy the full view of the ocean without enduring a chill while they eat gourmet meals.

The Quattroelle's unique name means "four times the letter 'L'" in Italian. Those four Ls stand for: love, life, liberty, and luxury. By customizing every aspect of her interior and exterior, Lurssen and Nuvolari & Lenard have built a yacht that celebrates the meanings of those words.

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