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Porto Montenegro

Published in Navis April / May 2014
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As yachting aficionados develop a preference for larger boats, some of them have found it difficult to find welcoming births that can accommodate their larger sizes. This isn't a problem at Porto Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro was developed at the Bay of Kotor, a former Austro-Hungarian location chosen for its extremely deep waters. The bay has the deepest water of any natural harbor in southern Europe. Large war ships once used the bay with ease. That leaves plenty of room for even the world's biggest yachts.

The Marina at Porto Montenegro

The marina at Porto Montenegro opened in 2009 with a respectable 85 berths. It has grown to 250 berths, 54 of which are designed for yachts over 30 meters long. Amazingly, the marina has immediate plans for even more growth. It plans to add 173 more berths by the end of summer 2014. By May 2015, a construction project will double the marina's current size. By 2015, the marina should have a total 477 berths with 150 set aside for yachts measuring 30 meters.

The marina also offers numerous services, including duty-free fueling, refitting, and maintenance. This lets yacht owners keep their precious boats in top condition at all times.

The marina director of Porto Montenegro says that he wants to create a visionary marina that offers plentiful services on sea and land. It needs to be the kind of place that luxury yacht owners can feel comfortable. Given the high demands that owners expect from luxury goods and services, Porto Montenegro will have to keep making subtle adjustments to meet those demands.

This almost guarantees that the area will remain one of the most beautiful spots near the Mediterranean. Even the smallest misstep could push owners and guests to other luxury accommodations. Porto Montenegro doesn't plan on letting that happen, so the developers have devoted themselves to the highest expectations.

When developers reach even higher than their guests, places like Porto Montenegro can grow in beauty without damaging the local environment or degrading the experiences of the world's wealthiest, most experienced travelers.

Staying at Porto Montenegro

Montenegro offers several luxurious places for yacht owners to stay. Guests can choose between penthouses, apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and individual buildings. By limiting building height to five stories, Montenegro ensures that every guest gets to enjoy views of the area's natural beauty.

Some popular residential buildings in Montenegro include Ozana, Zeta, Tara, Teuta, and Milena. Each building has its own sense of aesthetics. Owners also have the opportunity to stylize their apartments to match their unique tastes.

Buyers have already purchased all of the apartments in these residential buildings. The area is currently undergoing construction to offer more owners access to this beautiful part of the world. Ksenija, considered the best building project in the area, will offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments with ocean views and access to rooftop terraces.

The Regent Hotel and Residences will soon add 54 residences and 34 hotel rooms to Montenegro.

The Porto Montenegro Lifestyle

Porto Montenegro was designed to offer all of the services yachts need to stay in perfect condition, but it also offers services that guests will enjoy. Montenegro doesn't have a lot of heavy industry. It's neighborhoods have a lightly urban feel that never gets overly crowded.

Guests at Porto Montenegro have easy access to nearby attractions that include an 18-hole golf course and two ski resorts. There aren't many places in the world where a person can enjoy the warm sun at a marina in the morning and hit the ski slopes by afternoon.

Many of the surrounding facilities are open 12 months out of the year. No one visiting Montenegro ever has to endure so much as a moment of boredom.

Miles of healthy land create the perfect environment for raising organic food. Local restaurants take advantage of this so they can make some of the healthiest, tastiest foods. Most of the restaurants focus on Italian and Turkish dishes. The restaurants also have the cafe culture popular in those cultures. Guests can enjoy lengthy meals with their friends. The restaurants make great places for evening entertainment, whether that means people watching or having in-depth conversations.

Owners and guests staying at Montenegro have access to some of the world's most prestigious shops and entertainment. Developers plan to build a world-class casino in the near future. This will make Montenegro an even more attractive, entertaining destination.

Staying at Montenegro means that people get to enjoy modern conveniences and a slower pace of life often associated with the past.

Porto Montenegro is growing, but its developers know that it's important to keep that growth contained. If the area became overwhelmed with tourists, it would lose its glamour. That would negatively affect the current owners and the developer's future plans. This means that buyers can count on Montenegro to remain a relatively small place with thoughtful development. It will never become the kind of place that families populate during holiday seasons. It will remain an exclusive location full of beauty and luxury.

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