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Delta’s 66m Invitusc

Published in Navis April / May 2014
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A yacht's technical specifications can give people the ability to travel great distances in ultimate comfort. When Delta Design Group built Invictus, it included some of the world's most innovative technologies.

That's incredibly important for the owner, who wants to travel the world without leaving the comforts of home behind. But, in a way, these specifications become secondary next to the design's undeniable beauty.

What Makes Invictus a Unique, Beautiful Yacht

Diane Johnson Design was tasked with creating Invictus's interior aesthetic. The design team faced some unusual requests that forced it to rethink how a yacht should look and feel. For instance, the owners wanted each level of his yacht to have a unique aesthetic. The owners also wanted to avoid built-in furniture, which is commonly found on boats. This forced Diane Johnson Design to rethink its basic approach.

The result is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Following these directions, the designers created each stateroom from a unique perspective. This makes Invictus feel more like a home rather than a boat. It's like walking through a home and noting how each room exudes its own personality.

The owners wanted this homey feel, but they also wanted spaces where they could entertain large groups. Diane Johnson Design responded by creating large rooms that contain intimate areas. The Sky Lounge, for instance, has plenty of room for a large group to enjoy an evening's celebration, but it also has custom-designed furniture that lets a few people separate themselves from the larger group when they want some privacy.

Diane Johnson Design also noted that the owners have a love for Lalique crystal and exquisite marble. This explains why the designers chose a large crystal chandelier for the dining room. Marble used in Florence from the 12th to 15th centuries adorn many of the surfaces inside Invictus.

Other remarkable features include unique shelves and closets for each day head, tall sconces located in the Owner's Hall, objects d'art that have been thoughtfully placed throughout the yacht, and a 22-seat dining table for large gatherings.

Even someone who hasn't spent much time aboard luxury yachts will recognize that Invictus is something special created through thoughtfulness, artistry, and a close eye for detail.

Performance Specifications of Invictus

It's easy to get lost talking about the opulence of Invictus. It's such a rare jewel, that yachting enthusiasts will likely feel a small shock of joy as they walk from room to room. Still, it's important to look at her performance and technical specifications to get a complete idea of how she can explore the world in such comfort and fashion.

Invictus is a 66-meter luxury yacht with a 13.1-meter beam. She has a full displacement steel hull and a superstructure made of composite materials. This makes her lightweight, buoyant, and sturdy. There's a good reason that the owners choose to name her "Invictus," which means unconquerable. Her name also references a 19th century poem written by William Ernest Hemley. The final stanza of his poem states "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."

Although those lines were written over 200 years ago, they describe Invictus perfectly.

Invictus can reach a maximum speed of 17.5 knots thanks to two CAT 3516B HD DIUTTA engines that generate 2,575 BHp at 1600 RPM. She has a cruising speed of 16.1 knots. When traveling at 12 knots, Invictus's 194,000-liter (51,3000-gallon) fuel tank gives her a 7,000-nautical mile range that lets the owners and their guests explore large areas of the world without stopping for fuel.

Guests don't need to worry about running out of water on these long journeys. Invictus has a 53,000-liter (14,000-gallon) fresh water capacity. Two Sea Recovery water makers keep those tanks full at all times.

Invictus also has storage tanks for black water and gray water. This lets her use non-potable water where possible while keeping polluted water out of the ocean. Worthy yachtsmen know that the ocean is a special place that deserves the highest environmental protection. This is just one way of ensuring that the world's largest bodies of water remain useful for future generations.

Building a Unique, Luxury Yacht

The owners wanted Invictus to offer a family-friendly atmosphere that could double as a large space for entertainment. Every designer involved had to find new ways of combing classic and new elements so that they worked harmoniously. After plenty of hard work, John Posgay of Even Keel Yacht Project Management found that Delta Design Group and Diane Johnson Design made the perfect team. They tackled this unique project with professionalism and artistry that shows in the yacht's largest and smallest spaces.

Invictus is a testament to how high demands can push an industry to reach further. It also proves that exceptional projects can reveal innovative qualities that designs and naval architects didn't even know they had.

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