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Ferrari 458 ITALIA

Published in Navis April / May 2012
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Slide into the driver's seat of the Ferrari 458 Italia and you become the living, breathing center of this extraordinary machine. Every aspect of the 458 Italia has been designed to put the driver in charge without taking away any of the fun you get from barreling down the road in a Ferrari capable of hitting 60 mph from zero in just 3.4 seconds. Every sensation flows from the car directly into your body: the mid-mounted 4.5-liter V8 roars into your right ear, the tachometer dominates your view of the dash, and the steering wheel pulses in your hands as you feel the road. The Ferrari 458 Italia even connects you to details that would go unnoticed by most cars. LCD screens flanking the tachometer can tell you anything from your speed to the temperature of each tire.

While the Ferrari 458 Italia pours sensations into your body, it also automates several important functions so you can enjoy the ride. An automated manual transmission consists of three buttons instead of a cumbersome gearshift. The suspension adjusts to the road immediately so you get a smooth, quiet ride without fidgeting with a lot of controls.

When you step into the leather upholstery of a Ferrari 458 Italia, you become a part of the machine. It sends signals into your body, allowing you to experience the thrill of a highperformance car as if you were the car itself. That also means you get to assume the stunning body of this well-crafted machine. You’ve never felt better and you’ve never looked better than when you meld with this Ferrari.

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Pablo Ferrero

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