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Pablo Ferrero

Pablo Ferrero

Pablo Ferrero is the leader at the Navis Writing Team, other writers are Naty Frúmboli, Matt Thompson and Mechi di Paola. Our team has extensive experience in writing yacht reviews, articles for travel and sailing magazines and in the general yachting world. In Navis Luxury Yachts Magazine, we combine our knowledge and our love for sailing.

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Heesen Yachts has announced that it will launch a new 50-meter motor yacht, named Sibelle, at the end of February. Although the company plans further extensive testing in the North Sea, it expects to deliver Sibelle to her owner on time.

Heesen Yachts worked closely with Sibelle's owner to achieve a unique design that maximizes comfort and efficiency. The owner, who has plenty of experience traveling the world by yacht, wanted to avoid a Fast Displacement Hull Form, replacing it with a plumb bow. This offered a challenge for Heesen. After numerous studies, the shipyard created a plumb bow that ensure Sibelle will stay on course while offering greater comfort and performance, even in high wave conditions.

The improved design also helped Heesen make Sibelle a highly efficient vessel can cross the Atlantic Ocean with only 45,000 liters of fuel. She has a maximum speed of 18.5 knots.

On board, Heesen built a 61-square meter master suite. The suite has two dressing rooms and two ensuite bathrooms. Sibelle also has four guest cabins. In total, she can comfortably carry 10 guests.

Sibelle's expansive outdoor living spaces give guests the opportunity to enjoy everything that seat travel offers. The outdoor spaces become even larger when the two tenders are placed in the water, revealing a party space where guests can socialize with a full view of the ocean's beauty.

Sibelle's owner wanted to keep her design as simple as possible. Heesen has met this demand with gusto. She has an elegant shape, efficient technology, and uncompromising aesthetic that should serve her owner's needs for decades to come.

Illusion V, one of the newest motor yachts from Benetti, lives up to its name in every respect. Her luxury and technical sophistication seem beyond the realm of possibility. With enough time and effort, Benetti has managed to build one of the world's most impressive yachts. The exterior design from Green and Mingarelli makes her a beauty at any distance. While she may look like an illusion that's too good to be true, the owner and his guests get to enjoy every detail in the real world.

Wisp, a Superyacht Dream That Came True

To even the most discerning custom superyacht owner, the name of yacht builder "Royal Huisman" brings an acknowledgement of respect and even a bit of envy. That respect and envy continued this past Mediterranean season with the Royal Huisman's new magical creation the sailing superyacht Wisp. The 48m (156ft) raked bow, cutter rigged classic sloop spent her first summer sailing the Med. As the Wisp sailed past another superyacht a typical reaction would be for those aboard to stop and look at the beauty as it passed. Owners, guest and crew alike, would examine this living dream. Like looking at an art collectors masterpieces, you first take in the overall grace. You are drawn to her traditional appearance, still it has a contemporary feel as your eyes take in the Royal Huisman signature Alustar alloy aluminum hull, your eyes travel from the spoon bow to the counter stern. You are impressed by the workmanship even from a distance.

Simple Pleasure: Wally Yachts' Contemporary Classic ESENSE

In scientific circles, an elegant solution is one taking the simplest path to the best result. In yachting, that path leads directly to Wally Yachts. Inspired by innovative founder and president Luca Bassani Antivari, seafaring craft bearing the Wally brand are stripped of idle excess, maintaining abundance in all that makes sailing an exquisite joy.

ISA Yachts has been building expertly crafted motor yachts since 2001. Each project takes the company closer to perfection. Silver Wind, one of the world's most unique 46-meter yachts, is a perfect example of how ISA overcomes challenges that have vexed naval designers for years. Given the builder's interest in melding function and beauty, it's no surprise that Silver Wind has features that will interest aficionados of art, travel, and engineering.

The most demanding race a sailor can endure, the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race is in full swing. About to complete the third of nine legs on Jan. 27, seven elite teams continue to give their all, pushing toward the next milepost in Sanya, on China's Hainan Island.

Thrilling, demanding, and sometimes heartbreaking, this race has already run the gamut of emotions. While volumes of intriguing details are tucked into daily logs prepared by the teams, this brief review offers a synopsis of the standings to date.

Ulysse Nardin started making watches in the 19th century, a time when sailors had to fight against corrosive sea air and rocky boat decks. The watchmaker developed several innovations that helped sailors keep accurate time while exploring the world. With their trusty Ulysse Nardin chronometers, they could keep time accurately, an essential aspect of navigating through open waters.

When it comes to traveling the world in style, you can't get much faster or more luxurious than the Bombardier Global Line of small aircraft.

Global 6000 is Perfect for Business and Pleasure

Global 6000 has plenty of room for up to 12 passengers to relax while traveling long distances. The plane's cabin has distinct areas for resting and working. This makes it possible for corporate teams to prepare business presentations en route to destinations around the world while leaving a separate area for guests to rejuvenate themselves so they feel rested during important meetings. The airplane also has a stateroom where teams can work closely without interruption. Thanks to Bombardier's noise-reducing technology, the stateroom offers a space parallel to that of the world's best boardrooms.

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Last December, the 47metre project, YN 16947, product of a joint work by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects and Bannenberg & Rowell studio, was finally launched at Oss facilities. Its name, M/Y Asya, can be seen in bright gold from far away in the middle of this colossal superyacht, as this was how her owners christened her throughout a private ceremony. Some of her pictures have been unveiled and are available at the end of this article.

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After three years of intense designing and building, Feadship announced the launch of Savannah, an 83.5-meter vessel noted as the world's first hybrid superyacht. The motor yacht launched from Feadship's yard in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Savannah's owner celebrated the event with a James Bond-themed festival in honor of the dedicated engineers, designers, and craftsmen who dedicated years of their lives to the special yacht.

Feadship created Savannah to compete with some of the world's most eco-friendly yachts. She gets her environmentally conscious strength from three generators, a main engine build by Warsilla, a central propeller shaft, and Li-ion batteries capable of holding up to one million watts of power.

This combination of technology increases Savannah's energy efficiency by about 30%. Her captain can also take advantage of flexible settings so she can use diesel fuel, a fully electric system, or a combination of diesel and electric.

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Not an eagle, not a plane, not a car... it's AeroMobil 3.0, the flying roadster that turns from a car into a plane and from a plane into a car, all in one in just a few seconds. After debuting at the world-known Pioneers Festival in Vienna, where entrepreneurship, technology and innovation are celebrated every year, AeroMobil 3.0 reaches Monaco and gets his VIP pass for the most exclusive super car show of the globe, Top Marques Monaco.

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The latest Tim Heywood design, the magnificent 104 m Quantum Blue, has been recently delivered and it's getting ready for her maiden voyage next spring. Her older sister, Pelorus, a 115 m superyacht who has also come from the pen of Tim Heywood, has already undergone her refit. Spotless, these two glamorous princesses have offered these days an astounding view, both hovering in the cold water of Lurssen shipyards in Bremen.

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The legendary superyacht sailing event, first launched in 1986 as a small race held by seven yacht owners and friends, has changed hands to the industry. After four years handling the event, Peter Craig has passed the baton to four well-known titanics: Perini Navi, Royal Huisman, Vitters and Rybovich. After being long term supporters of the event, these four renowned shipyard brands have proudly taken the challenge.

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From the 17th till the 25th of January, Royal Huisman will be showcasing exclusive pictures of the flamant sloop Blue Papillon, last launched in 2013. The amazing vessel, which has been designed by Germàn Frers, was photographed while sailing in the Mediterranean. Its blue hull added to the sparkling silver superstructure makes this sloop look amazing in the middle of the sea. Along with it, the inside has been accordingly designed by Rhoades Young Design, that has known how to print a magic touch to the interiors.

The pictures and a scale model of Papillon will be able at the show, along with many other exciting new projects under construction in the own words of the shipyard. Nevertheless, some of the photos have been provided as a premiere of what the show will be, so don't miss them and delight yourself with this exclusive material at the end of this article!

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The 51 metre motor yacht from Heesen Yachts, was delivered last November to his owners after a long trial period in the North Sea. The latest pictures and media of this tremendous piece of art have also been delivered, so come and check them out!

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The extremely prestigious european boat event, the London Boat Show, has reached its 61st edition this January! With lots of exhibitors, attractions and boat debuts, the London Boat Show 2015 it's a MUST for every luxury sea lover of the world. If you are fan of the sea and want to know all about it, we have gathered all the key information at this note.

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In selfies times, where major technological improvements, Facebook and Twitter seem to eat it all, not everything is virtual and commercial frivolity. At Harry Winston's, one of the leading jewellery brands at the world summit, there's a sparkling place for the hope of those that massive world globalisation has left behind.

The Harry Winston Hope Foundation, Inc. it's the entity through which this 83 years old company supports charitable causes in the local communities where is present. Following its main principle of inspiring hope & changing lives through education, Winston's Hope Foundation advocates to economically support charitable causes, programmes and organisations that intend to bring closer quality education to empower disadvantaged or disabled youth, as well as to provide a better and healthier future where the equal opportunity rules.

This social working tradition comes from long ago at Winston's house. From the very beginning, Mr. Harry Winston itself showed that social conscience was an important task to work for at his company, and made it one of the principal values behind his work. The legendary Court of Jewels, a touring gem museum where the most impressive winston's jewels were exhibited, went through the main american cities raising money to help the needy from 1949 till 1953. The Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat stone that once was property of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, was part of this amazing travelling collection. As well as today, at those times this breathtaking gem captivated the eye of whomever watched it, and at 1958 Winston donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in order to be exposed and visited by the whole world. Among three different settings designed for this astounding rock called Hope, at 2010 Winston chose the "Embracing Hope" setting to celebrate the donation anniversary, a three diamond strings necklace that embraces the hope diamond in the middle. As if saying that hope needs to be embraced more than ever in this new age of humanity where everything seems to evolve so fast, Winston chose this setting to be the new icon of this legend. May be, the shiniest message ever.

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Coming close of the heels of 2015, this amazing mega yacht has been launched on December 4th at Livorno as a co-creation between two monsters of yachting manufacture and design: Benetti and Sinot Design Studio.

The best of the expertise of Benetti's group has been printed on every inch of Formosa, which is 60 meters long, cruises at 15 knots or at 12 knots when saving fuel, but able to get to 16 knots as maximum speed, impelled by its MTU 12V4000 M53 engines.

The enormous vessel has been designed to be a synonym of comfort. With five decks, 60m Formosa is ready to receive up to 10 guests in its rooms without counting the owner's deck, plus 15 crew members including the captain to work at the ship. Style and refinement have been the main concepts displayed on board by Sinot, and the owner itself has closely collaborated on the different stages of the design.

The Numbers at Superyacht Formosa by Benetti

  • 60 meters long
  • 5 decks
  • 10.6 meters beam length
  • 1,060 gross tons of total volume
  • 5 suites for up to 10 guests
  • 15 crew members to serve

Rossinavi brought together a terrific team of designers and engineers to produce the Polaris motor yacht. Contributing team mates came from Arrabito Naval Architects, Team for Design by Enrico Gobbi, and, of course, Rossi Navi. Their combined efforts have resulted in a beautiful yacht that honors the tradition of world exploration while keeping her gaze steadily on the future.

Perini Navi has made some of the world's most fabulous yachts since opening in 1983. The Italian shipyard had to tackle new issues when building Grace E to match the owner's specifications. Grace E is the latest motor yacht in the Picchiotti motor yacht line. She is significantly larger than her two sisters: Exuma, which is 50 meters long, and Galileo G, which is 55 meters long. Grace E measures 73 meters long.

Picchiotti and Perini Navi also wanted to push Grace E to new heights of luxury while making her as eco-friendly as possible. The companies pulled their resources and experiences to build one of the most excellent motor yachts traveling the world.