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Based on tradition, prepared for the future.
Founded in 1905 with just 18 people, Nobiskrug has to date delivered more than 700 newbuilds and numerous conversions. Nobiskrug is famous for navy and special commercial vessels and has, since 2000, focused on the engineering and construction of luxurious one-off yachts and naval vessels.

Mogambo represents a new zenith in the competitive world of superyacht design. Instead of thinking about this 74-meter yacht as a boat, it makes more sense to conceptualize it as a floating mansion that combines old world charm with the most recent advances in aesthetic and technological design.

Technical Aspects of Mogambo Nobiskrug, a German shipyard with more than a century of experience, poured all of its resources into giving Mogambo the features that it needed to satisfy the needs of a demanding owner who expects excellent performance and luxurious beauty.

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