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hodgdon-scheherazade2Our goal at Hodgdon Yachts is to build the world's best sailing or motor yacht. It's that simple. And to us, building a world-class yacht is measured in how well design and aesthetics are balanced with practical issues of engineering and performance. Hodgdon vessels have earned the reputation of "heirloom boat" for more than their extraordinary looks. They also stand the test of time. At the foundation of every sailing and motor vessel we build, you'll find a consummate team of craftsmen, the industry's most advanced construction technology and a passion for excellence. It's the way we've built boats for nearly two centuries.

Our East Boothbay facility has three building halls with over 55,000 sq. ft. of construction, finish, and office space. Our main building hall includes 20,000 sq. ft. of production space with a 300 ton marine railway allowing a yacht to be hauled or launched directly into the deep waters of the Damariscotta River.

While we may have our roots in 200 years of boatbuilding tradition, we earned our way into the 21st Century with innovation. Today Hodgdon is a leader in high tech composite construction while maintaining exceptional skills for world class traditional and modern interiors. This East Boothbay, Maine Company’s diversification includes high end superyacht interiors, custom sail and power superyacht construction, military and government contracting, superyacht refits and custom yacht tenders. Founded in 1816, Hodgdon is a fifth generation family run company still located in the heart of Maine’s famed Boothbay Region. Among some of Hodgdon’s more notable contributions to yachting in the last few decades are: ANTONISA (124’) SCHEHERAZADE (154’) AND LIBERTY (80’).

Composite construction

Timothy Hodgdon and his talented workforce have built some of the finest composite yachts in the world using wood, carbon fiber, and epoxy. Since 2006 Hodgdon Yachts has advanced its composite construction by emphasizing the use of high tech fabrics and high-­‐density foam in their vessels. Combining advanced composite construction with our high standards of systems installation and joinery work, Hodgdon Yachts remains the premier American builder of hodgdon-scheherazadeinnovative and high quality vessels. We invite you to visit our yard and see for yourself the high standards, commitment to excellence and innovation that is the mission of Hodgdon Yachts.

Cold molding

For a fast cruising yacht cold molded construction is one of the best ways to build a hull.Cold molded hulls are strong, remarkably stiff, quiet, long lived and green. We believe the method yields the finest yacht. Laminated fir frames and floors bonded to a laminated hull create a monocoque structure that easily handles the dynamic loads of a yacht. In addition to our yachts LIBERTY, ANTONISA, SCHEHEREZADE, WINDCREST the legendary yachts RAGTIME (1964), WINDWARD PASSAGE (1968) and WHITEHAWK (1978) are testaments to the longevity and pedigree of cold molded construction. The link answers many technical questions about the construction method.

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Hull 413 (413th Hodgdon hull - which is also the 3rd tender hull)

Hodgdon Yachts announces the launch and delivery of Hull 413 (413th Hodgdon hull - which is also the 3rd tender hull) of a custom limo tender for a prominent European shipyard client.

This week HODGDON launched another of the 10.5m MPYD designed Limousine tenders, also for a prominent European shipyard project and has three more custom tenders under construction including two designed by Andrew Winch Designs.

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SCHEHERAZADE skillfully outmaneuvered the fleet Sunday to take first place honors and winner overall at Shipyard Cup X.

True to the spirit of the event, the "winner overall trophy" was an engraved bucket and large bottle of Dom Pérignon. The bucket was filled with champagne and passed around to the winning crew. SCHEHERAZADE's owner drew great cheers from the crowd as he took his turn.

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The Antonisa, a 124-foot yacht made by Hodgdon Yachts, represents some of the finest craftsmanship in the United States. Built through a collaboration of naval architect Bruce King and interior decorator Cecilia Castoldi, Antonisa combines innovative engineering with beautiful aesthetics. The yacht was built in East Boothbay, Maine for her European owner. At 124 feet, Antonisa offers plenty of interior and exterior space. As many as eight guests can ride comfortably with a crew of six. The boat's exterior offers enough room for sunbathing, fishing, and enjoying the wonderful surroundings. While she does not have an extensive system of exterior decks for parties and sporting activities, Antonisa has a remarkable interior that makes guests know they have stepped into a highly crafted vessel.

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The oldest American shipyard, Maine based, introduces Limo Custom Tender (2 tenders on board Seven Seas Oceanco, 86mt),
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Scheherazade is a beautiful and powerful sailing yacht of the 21st century, designed by Bruce King and combining classic styling and cutting edge technology. She is modern, low, and sleek with a dramatic reverse transom. The interior is built of fiddle back sycamore and has a unifying burled walnut moulding throughout, with a seemingly endless succession of individually, hand-sculpted sea motifs. "The Hodgdon built ketch S.Y. Scheherazade is not only an exceptional example of yacht building, she is probably one of the finest examples of what our industry stands for - a true labour of love for all who participate. This is a true Siren of the Sea."

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The award winning Antonisa is another King and Hodgdon collaboration. Bruce King's design is the ultimate "modern classic". Antonisa's long overhangs, gentle sheer, flush deck and signature elliptical skylights harkens back to the start of the 20th century.