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Benetti Yachts

Benetti Yachts

Benetti Shipyard is one of the oldest yacht building yards in the world. Founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 the shipyard was directed, after the death of the patriarch, by his two sons Gino and Emilio who renamed the shipyard Fratelli Benetti and gained recognition outside the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the early 1980's Azimut SpA appeared upon the scene taking control over the yard's management. The Azimut Benetti group has been the largest shipyard in the world in terms of production for six consecutive years.


From its three shipyards in Viareggio, Fano and Leghorn, Benetti builds composite motor yachts from 93′ to 164′ and fully custom steel and aluminium motor yachts from 47 metres.n the early 1980's Azimut SpA appeared upon the scene taking control over the yard's management. The Azimut Benetti group has been the largest shipyard in the world in terms of production for six consecutive years.

When Benetti released the first yacht in its 500 series during 2010, the company embarked on an adventure that would push it to increasingly beautiful, high-performance boats. Benetti continues the adventure with Panthera, the second yacht in this exquisite series.

Benetti, recognized as one of the world's greatest shipyards, never seems to miss the mark when designing luxury yachts. The 55-meter Ocean Paradise continues the company's 140-year history of excellence.
Ocean Paradise has an inspired design that makes the most of Benetti's custom-built technology to offer its owner a unique experience while traveling the world in style.

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Every Crystal 140', like every Benetti, is created to reflect Owners' desires to perfection. They decide on the interior decor and select the furnishings, materials and lights, expressing their personality through each and every detail, no matter how small. In this case the Owner aspired to a classical style with strong colonial hints. Finely treated mahogany, gold-plated finishings and fabrics with the exotic flavour of faraway places are Benetti's impeccable interpretation of this vision.

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The Classic Supreme 132 shows that collaborative efforts between professionals can result in the greatest results. For this project Azimut-Benetti acted as the builder and naval architect while contributing to some of the interior design work. The company was joined by exterior designer Stefano Righini and interior designer Francois Zuretti.

These three have concentrated their efforts to make Classic Supreme 132 one of the most attractive, functional, and entertaining yachts in the world.

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Last week, on March 14th, saw in the morning the launch at Viareggio of the second Benetti Crystal 140' BY002, Luna. An event held on the grounds of the Azimut-Benetti Group's Lusben shipyard, located adjacent to the Benetti headquarter. Following the usual preliminary steps, including the traditional breaking of the bottle on the hull, the yacht was lowered into the water, a ceremony attended by Owner, technical personnel, workers, and all Benetti Management and Staff involved in building this magnificent vessel that stands out for its modern and innovative design.

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The 13th Azimut Benetti annual Yachtmaster event finished on February 28th. The event, which took place in Leghorn, celebrated the 140th anniversary of the shipyard (1873 – 2013) and was created for the Captains of the Benetti/Azimut fleet of over 100' mega yachts.

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This 63 meters megayacht, presently under construction at Livorno yard, made her first appearance last October when moved to the outfitting area of the yard. She won't be seen again until her official launch in 2014.

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The new Tradition Supreme 108 (BK001), recently transferred to the outfitting area of the yard, follows the path of the successful Tradition 105. Designed by Stefano Righini, the 32.98 meters Tradition Supreme 108 has a composite structure, and for the first time in the history of the Benetti Class range, the sun deck, roll-bar and hard top are constructed using fiberglass-carbon composites, creating a considerably lighter,and stronger deck structure. Her three decks (peculiar in a 108' yacht), give a considerable increase in living space and on-board comfort and guarantee a more complete separation of guests and crew, safeguarding their privacy.

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The fifth Benetti Delfino 93', "Zaphira" (BD005), has been launched in October.

"Zaphira" is an irrefutable signal of this line's success, an excellent synthesis of Benetti's style and experience. As the third Delfino 93' launched in 2012, after "Azul" in April and "Ocean Drive" in June, "Zaphira" is easily distinguished by her magnificent blue hull and the ship's nameplate, created by the owner himself. BD005 has a semi displacement composite hull: with an overall length of 28.5 meters and a maximum beam of 7.03 meters, her external lines contain all the experience and style of Stefano Righini.

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Lyana is a sixty meter vessel with an attractive profile, emphasized by her blue hull and white superstructure color scheme, another success combining the experienced Benetti yard with the client's personality and needs. Stefano Natucci designed the exterior, while the interior is the creative idea of the two French design studios: Zuretti and Pierre-Yves Rochon. Lyana's design confirms the symbiosis between the exterior and the interior, characterized by color play and chiaroscuro. Most of the vessel has dark furnishing and decks, with bright bulkheads and overheads.

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Elegance, quality and comfort are the distinctive features of Qs Benetti Innovation 70.

Designed with the intent of expressing a clean and refined form, the symbol par excellence of Italian design, it emphasizes a family feeling like the one of Benetti itself, which is characterized by timeless lines.

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This Concept Design was presented at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show exclusively for the Benetti Design Innovation Project.

HELIOS is an 88 meter (288 feet) Superyacht with clean, modern and sleek exterior lines. The aim of the project was to design a yacht that despite of her considerable size still looks as a family yacht. We have avoided massive superstructures giving her six decks and ample exterior spaces with relaxing areas.

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Delfino 93' represents a close link between Benetti innovation and history. The first motor yacht by this name was presented forty years ago at the 1969 Genoa boat show. One of a kind, it encompasses design solutions, technical equipment, practicality and all the comfort typical of larger yachts. Superior navigational stability, extreme attention to build quality, great advantages in terms of performance and low energy consumption, major reduction in noise and vibrations all translate the comfort of the Delfino 93' into a design inspiration.

Benetti created Diamonds are Forever to meet the unique specifications of its owner. This superyacht has enough room for twelve guests, but it's large size is only part of what makes this one of the world's most special vessels.

It's oceanic range of 4,800 miles and ability to reach a maximum speed of 16 knots also means that this superyacht has the ability to travel the world safely and efficiently.

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DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, the new 61m Benetti Custom megayacht was launched at a Bond styled christening party at the state-of-the-art Benetti shipyard in Livorno.

She started life with the official ID Benetti FB253 61m but to her new Owner she is DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, a name that is the personal signature of experienced yacht Owner Mr. John Staluppi, who has always been a fan of the inimitable Bond, James Bond, saga. Her naming ceremony was held at Benetti's Livorno 50m+ facility in the presence of the Owner's, crew and construction team.

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