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  • What started out as an ambitious project to build a 28m aluminium yacht by a group of New Zealand boat builders in the early 1980s led to the creation of Alloy Yachts just two years later. 

During the 1980s, a 12-13m yacht was considered large by New Zealand standards where the focus was on light displacement, relatively austere, high performance sailing yachts. The use of aluminium for the 28m Chanel (right) and the greater attention to the owner’s desired luxurious finish created a new level of skill and performance amongst the local boat builders involved.
The Chanel project took place on a leased site on the banks of the Henderson Creek in West Auckland, and when completed in 1985, the decision to keep the team together led to the purchase of nearby land and the establishment of Alloy Yachts Ltd. With the next project – the tender launch for the 1987 New Zealand America’s Cup challenge – the foundations for today’s highly-rated aluminium superyacht building team were laid.

Many people involved in those first two projects remain as key members of the Alloy Yachts team, including Tony Hambrook who joined the company as production manager and was asked to take over as managing director in 1990. Through the ‘90s Tony led the team through a period of massive expansion. A series of innovative developments in technology and engineering moved the company up the hierarchy of the world’s superyacht builders. Several yachts mark the advances achieved by the Alloy Yachts team, including the completion of their first yacht over 100ft in length in 1991.
With the first carbon-fibre mast and an efficient fully-battened mainsail, 32.6m Esprit featured the transfer of technology from America’s Cup design into the superyacht cruising domain. Sailing performance on 33.2m Espada was enhanced with pioneering in-boom furling systems. Alloy’s ground-breaking marine power system featured on 33.6m Imagine, allowing the use of any shore power system around the world and for long periods of total quiet onboard. Launched in 1994, 34.75m Corinthian was the first to have a concealed anchoring system.

As yacht owners gain more experience, they often find that they want customized boats that match their unique needs. This always presents extra challenges for shipyards and naval architects because they have to develop new approaches to meeting client demands. That often means creating new technology or finding new ways to implement existing technology.

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Alloy Yachts has recently developed in collaboration with Philippe Briand, a phenomenal 46m fully engineered turnkey, coupled with a variety of interior design options to be chosen by the owner. The PS46's aim is to provide the owner of high quality, built to their personal tastes but avoiding the time and cost a full personalized project demands. The shipyard is prepared to begin the construction of the vessel immediately, with the possibilities of reduced building time if necessary and of a race regatta upgrade if desired. This phenomenal project was presented at the recent Monaco Yacht Show 2013.

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Red Dragon is a 52m (171ft) performance cruising sloop designed and built for discerning European owners. The brief required a stylish yacht capable of fast passages and long periods of autonomy with a contemporary, bright interior.

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Loretta Anne stands out as an accomplishment built by quality materials, innovative designs, and the demands of an experienced yachtsman. Alloy Yachts worked closely with Dubois Naval Architects and Donald Starkey Designs to build a yacht that would match the expectations of an owner who already owns two vessels from Alloy Yachts. Loretta Anne exceeds those demands while managing to express an aesthetic sensibility that looks appropriate all over the world.

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Drumbeat's hull lines were exhaustively researched and tested to marry elegant styling with sparkling performance. The result is an easily driven hull with a flexible sail-plan designed for ease of handling in all conditions. Drumbeat is equally impressive under power with an 8,000 nautical mile range at optimum cruising speed.

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The emphasis in the Janice of Wyoming project was on sleek lines and high performance. Dubois Naval Architects and Alloy Yachts combined to create a new benchmark in excellence.

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Como's owner is an extremely knowledgeable yachtsman, who has commissioned a succession of vessels at Alloy Yachts. She bears all the hallmarks of a project benefiting from years of experience in the world superyacht fleet. Como lacks for nothing in terms of equipment, luxury or styling, but equally shows her class by avoiding superfluous 'fashion' features.

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Alloy Yachts has grown into a superyacht icon and their passion is reflected in the award winning standards and international recognition that their yachts enjoy. Alloy Yachts are the builders of a multi-Award Winning Motoryacht: Loretta Anne.

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Kokomo is the third superyacht from Alloy Yachts for the same owner. The brief was for a yacht that would break new ground in performance, comfort and style.

Designed by Dubois Naval Architects, this 58m sloop delivers in all respects. Her sleek hull has been refined for seakeeping and speed. Her 120 tonne keel lowers from less than 5m to over 8m to deliver ultimate stability under an enormous sail plan.

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Last thursday in Fort Lauderdale at a Gala evening for the International Superyacht Society members, Vertigo won the ISS Award for Best Sailing Superyacht over 40 metres.

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The 2012 Monaco Yacht Show opened in spectacular style on Wednesday with the impressive Alloy Yachts built Vertigo being presented with the Prix du Design at the Show.

Tony Hambrook hosted HSH Prince Albert onboard Vertigo, along with invited dignitaries, industry leaders and the team from Alloy Yachts.

This is the sixth award that Vertigo has been selected for this year, a testimony to this yacht's incredible design, workmanship, engineering and technological achievement.

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Alloy Yachts would like to congratulate Liquid Automation for winning "Best Application of AV in a Commercial or Government Installation" at this year's AVIA (Audio Visual Industry Awards) in Australia.

Liquid Automation won the Award for their Integrated Navigation and Entertainment System onboard the Alloy Yachts built "Vertigo".

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In the early 1980s, a group of dreamers from New Zealand tenaciously initiated a project aimed at building a 38-meter aluminum yacht. When vessels half as long were considered large according to existing standards, when the focus was placed mostly on austere, light displacement sailing yachts, these brave men resolved to build an unprecedented megalith named Chanel. Two years after such anachronistic determination, Alloy Yachts was established. The project was developed on a leased site on the banks of Henderson Creek, in west Auckland. The work team remained close and, some time later, bought a neighboring plot of land where their chimera would be created. Starting from scratch, the rising empire of Alloy Yachts Ltd achieved glory.

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Considering that building a yacht is an inherently iterative process, and that there is a series of successive and unavoidable refinement steps from the initial conceptual design to the final acclamation of the product, en evolutionary parallel could be drawn for each naval architecture project carried out based on the genetics of its predecessor. Allogante, the latest creation of Alloy Yachts, is an example of that, as her lineage dates back, at least, to two generations. The matriarch of this family would be the historic S.Q.N., completed in 2003 and renamed Loretta Anne after her sale, while her closest ancestor would be Ad Lib, built in 2005 and finalist in the ShowBoats International Design Awards. The same exterior design team, Dubois Naval Architects, was in charge of shaping the features of the new Allogante, keeping the most successful characteristics of her predecessors and benefiting from the latest advances in nautical technology.

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