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Pershing Yachts for Sale.


If you are looking for a motor yacht designed at the highest professsional standarts, you should go to Pershing to find your next luxurious exclusive yacht. Under the slogan "The engine of your ideas" Pershing provides the world with yachts that guarantee a superb experience in the sea, as they all combine innnovation with comfort and style. NAVIS Boats for sale Miami will provide you with all the information and will streamline the purchase process of your new pershing yacht. Don't hesitate in contacting us free.


Pershing 74 2014

The Pershing 74 comes as the evolution of the 72 and takes it to a new level, but still maintaining the fresh aesthetic trend so characteristic of the Pershing fleet.

This beautiful yacht has been skillfully designed by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT, of the Ferretti Gr...

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